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Back to School Must Haves - Basics to Start the Year Off Right

Summer is sadly coming to an end and we are getting ready for back to school in full force!  Our weather stays pretty warm here in Portland until mid-October.  We typically just buy the essentials to start the year.  I've found that if I don't stock up on a few must haves though, they sell out!  I'll be sharing a few of our back to school must have basics below.

Back to School Must Haves - Basics

We always go for something super classic on the first day of school.  I love a good seersucker dress, buffalo check, and anything with apples.  Our girls are still little, so while I have a say I will dress them how I want!  They are definitely coming into their own style lately, and I'm totally fine with that too!  Last year for McKinlee's first day, she wore this adorable blue and white buffalo check dress with apples, knee highs and red mary janes.  You really can't get any more classic than that!

Back to School Basics 

I love stocking up on great quality basics during back to school.  When summer's over, all our socks, undies, and undershirts have been through the ringer so it's a great time to refresh them.  I have to say, we've purchased several cheap character underpants and they never hold up.  The ones we purchased from Nordstrom have held up SO well.  Definitely worth the slight splurge.  I love a good jegging for the girls since they are on the thinner side, and I'm really excited about these Hannah Andersson ones.  We wear the heck out of our leather all stars, so we try to get a fresh pair every year.  The girls also wear bike shorts under their dresses pretty much every day, so we like to stock up on fresh ones often!  Also, socks!  I love a good ruffle sock, and these ones are our faves.

Back to School Must Haves

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve 

I'll be sharing our backpack round up next!  There are SO many cute backpacks out there right now, and we get to buy two this year!  Thanks so much for reading as always!



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