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Beach Bag Must Haves

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T minus three days until we are off (without kids!!!) to the Bahamas! What are we going to do with ourselves with so much kid free time?!? I honestly wasn't expecting us to be able to take a trip together without kids until much later down the road. When Ryan won this trip for us from his work, I knew we had to find a way to go. Thank the Lord for my mama! I can't believe she agreed to watch them for seven whole days. I have been wanting to put together a "what's in my beach bag" post for a little bit now, and now is the perfect time. This is my mom edition that involves nothing for kids. To see my kids edition, click here. Without further ado, here is my beach bag must haves!

What's in my beach bag, a guide to my favorite beach and pool essentials.

Hat - I love a big floppy hat for days by the pool.  This one is from Cabana life and it is 50+ UV protection.  When traveling, I like to stuff things into the inside of the hat and lay it bottom side down in my suitcase so it doesn't get squished.

Sunnies - these are some of my all time favorites.  They are polarized, so they really don't have any glare from the sun.  Use code CHELSEE25 for 25% off!

Coverup - this coverup is a dream!  It is actually made from swim suit material and is so soft and silky.  It is also 50+ UV protection, packs up so well, and can be worn out and about.  I'm obsessed!!  I also got a matching swimsuit for myself and the girls.

Self Tanner - I swear by this stuff!!  I have tried A LOT of self tanners, and this one is the best I've found for the price.  It doesn't smell, it doesn't stain my sheets, and it gives me an awesome glow.  A few friends and family have also tried this and they love it too and buy it time and time again.  For my self tanning process, I make sure to exfoliate my skin first.  I love this exfoliator.  I then put it on before I go to bed.  If I workout the next morning, it does tend to rub off on my sweat towel but other than that, it stays put!

Beach Tote - I got this one from the O'neill outlet in Vegas, but I found it on Amazon.  It's really roomy and beachy feeling.  I think it'll be perfect for the Bahamas.

Sunscreen glow spray - this is a new to me product, but I love anything by Pacifica.  It smells delish!  It has some mixed reviews but I love it.

Face Sunscreen - this is made of minerals, so it's a little better for your skin.  It also has caffeine and probiotics to help refresh your face!  I find spf 30 to be the perfect amount for me.

Reversible Clutch - this was in my FabFitFun box and I'm obsessed.  It's reversible and perfect for storing your credit cards, ID or all your toiletries.

Lip Balm - the girls and I have been loving this lip balm by Kiss Me Honey!  The scents are perfect for summer, they are all natural (no parabens, no synthetic ingredients/dyes), they're organic, and cruelty free.  Have to have a good lip balm for pool/beach days!

Beauty Counter SPF stick and SPF Lip Balm - I love, love, love Beauty Counter products and have been using them over the last year.  I love this SPF stick for quick applications and for tricky spots like your ears.  This is great for kids faces too.  You need an SPF lip balm and this one does the job.  Their products are all natural and contain no fragrances.  I also use their creme face wash and one of their moisturizers.

Shimmer Oil - my skin gets super dry at the pool/beach, and I always keep this in my beach bag.  I love having a little shimmer and moisture.  Why not?!

Towel is from TJ Maxx, but I found some great options for round towels here, here and here!

Glass Water Bottle - I like to have a water bottle filled with ice the size of my head while I'm at the pool/beach.  Have to stay hydrated!  I like this glass version with silicone to keep it protected.

Baby Powder - ok, this one is super random but listen.  No one wants their hands covered in wet sand.  If you have sand stuck to your hands (or your kids hands), just put some baby powder on them and everything with brush off.  I swear by this!

Leather mat is by Gathre.  We use it ALL the time!

Ok, I think that covers everything!  What are your must haves to keep in your beach bag?

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