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DIY Wood Bobbin Trim for Board and Batten: The Hottest DIY Trend for 2024!

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Transforming your home into a coastal haven doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a few thoughtful touches, you can bring the serene beauty of the seaside into your living space. One of the most effortless and impactful ways to achieve this is by incorporating bobbin trim into your board and batten walls. This simple DIY wood bobbin trim project not only adds a unique texture but also infuses a sense of coastal charm that is both stylish and timeless.

White board and batten with DIY Wood Bobbin Trim and Light Blue Wall

DIY Wood Bobbin Trim for Board and Batten: Effortless Coastal Charm

When we decided to finish the girls playroom/teen room/hang out room I knew I wanted it to be a little more elevated than our last home. I know they are only going to be little for so much longer, so I wanted a space that could easily transition into an arts and crafts room and a place they could create in (as well as myself!).

Hand holding up wood bobbin trim

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We have a lot of coastal vibes in our new home in Arizona (yes, I know it's not anywhere near the coast haha!). I've been seeing wood bobbin trim work all over and knew I wanted to incorporate it onto our home.


I’m loving how this wood bobbin trim transformed this board and batten and gave it a little something extra! Obsessed with how it looks and it was seriously so easy! #woodtrim #woodworking #homedecor #homedecorideas #homedecortiktok #playroominspo #playroom

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White board and batten with DIY Wood Bobbin Trim

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I knew I wanted to paint the room in a coastal blue color and add board and batten. I wanted to add a unique touch to it, and knew this DIY wood bobbin trim would be perfect! You can also add them to cabinets, side tables, or end tables!

white board and batten with white bobbin trim, scalloped shelf with photo of beach

Materials and Preparation

First up, decide on the size of bobbins you want. We went a little smaller because I wanted the trim to be more subtle. Our bobbins were 1/2" x 3/16" Half Rounds and they came in 3' long sections. You could choose larger bobbins if you want them to stand out more.

Nail gun nailing in wood bobbin trim to white board and batten

To get started, you'll need a few basic materials: wooden bobbins, a board and batten wall (or the materials to create one - check out our tutorial here), wood glue, sandpaper, paint or stain, and a measuring tape. We purchased our wood bobbins here.

White board and batten with DIY Wood Bobbin Trim

Begin by measuring the length of your board and batten sections where you want to install the bobbin trim. Cut the bobbins to fit these sections, ensuring they are uniform in size for a cohesive look.

wood bobbin trim in front of white board and batten

We installed our wood bobbins to the under lip of the top of the board and batten. If you're looking for a board and batten tutorial, make sure to check out this one we did in our old home in Oregon!

Installation Process

Once you have prepared your bobbins, sand them lightly to remove any rough edges. This step is crucial for achieving a polished finish. The one's we purchased did not need to be sanded as they came that way.

White board and batten with DIY Wood Bobbin Trim

Next, apply a thin layer of wood glue to the back of each bobbin and press them firmly onto the board and batten. I would also recommend using a nail gun to add a few nails to make them extra secure. Space them evenly, allowing the trim to enhance the vertical lines of the wall while adding a playful, textured element. Allow the glue to dry completely.

white board and batten with wood bobbin trim, green wall with pink flowers and gallery wall of photos

Finishing Touches

After the bobbins are securely in place, it's time to add the finishing touches. Depending on your desired aesthetic, you can either paint or stain the bobbin trim to match or contrast with your board and batten.

Entry way with clock, wreath, lamp and hooks

image via Our Nohai Home

For a classic coastal look, consider using soft, neutral tones such as whites, beiges, or light blues. We painted our board and batten Pure White by Sherwin Williams and also painted the wood bobbins the same color. I used a small paint brush to paint to get into the small spaces.

Tips and Tricks

This project went really smoothly, but the only issue we ran into was wishing we would have painted the bobbins at least one coat of paint before installing. Painting them was really tedious. Even a coat of primer would have helped to make this part go quicker. Other than that, this was a really simple add to this space!

Other Gorgeous Wood Bobbin Trim Ideas

Check out these other gorgeous wood bobbin trim ideas!

blue dressers

image via Little Lou & Co

bedroom with board and batten and bobbin trim

photo via Posh House NY

green cabinet with bobbin trim and gold handles

photo via Posh House NY

entry way with blue and white floral wallpaper with bobbin trimmed doors

image via Dec Wood UK

white board and batten trim with bobbin trimwork

image via Dec Wood UK

yellow paneling with bobbin trim

photo via Image Insight Creativity

board and batten trim work with small wood bobbins

image via Number Thirty Six

wood bobbin trim

photo via Naturtrend

blue door with floral wallpaper and bobbin trim

image via Dec Wood UK

white trim work on wall and around door with bobbin trim

image via Dec Wood UK

Hand holding wood bobbin trim with grey board and batten

photo via Pages of Emma

DIY Wood Bobbin Trim for Board and Batten: Darling Coastal Charm

image via Pinterest

DIY Wood Bobbin Trim for Board and Batten: Darling Coastal Charm

photo via Pinterest

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In just a few simple steps, you can add this darling trim to your board and batten. It gives it such a unique touch! Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below or DM me on Instagram!

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Hand holding wood bobbin trim with white board and batten and coastal blue wall
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