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Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids You Will Love!

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Easter is in just a few weeks and the girls are getting super excited for the Easter bunny to visit! The Easter holiday will be quite different this year with us not being able to really leave our home. I am planning on lots of Easter crafts, egg hunts around the back yard, and luckily snagged the girls Easter goodies for their baskets a few weeks ago.

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

The girls are honestly going a little stir crazy, so we've been doing a lot of crafts. It might not take too much of our day up, but they really love them and look forward to them. I wanted to share 15 easy Easter craft ideas for kids to keep you and your little ones busy over the next few weeks!

We are really looking forward to trying the salt painted Easter eggs especially. It looks easy enough and I think it'll be easy for the girls to do! The paper plate chicks are super cute too and I think we can get creative with supplies we have in our home. Let me know if you end up trying any of these!

Easter Egg Sun Catchers 

Little ones will love making colorful Easter egg suncatchers from tissue paper! They can decide on a design and make each Easter egg with a unique color scheme! Display finished sun catchers to brighten the window view!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Salt Painted Easter Bunny

Assist your child to make a salty outline and try making different salt painted Easter bunny. This process art will present an opportunity to try a different kind of painting. Applying glue is an awesome finger and hand strengthening activity.

Toilet Paper Roll Art 

We always save our toilet paper rolls and this daisy print is so cute! I can see my girls easily doing this on their own.

toilet paper roll daisy prints from Hello Sweet Mom Blog 

Easter bunny toilet paper rolls by Hello Sweet Mom Blog 

Easter Chick Paper Plate

Toddlers and preschoolers are a bit young to work on sewing projects. They can still work on lacing projects introducing sewing like in Easter chick paper plate craft. Kids will have fun as they work on their fine motor skills!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Paper Bunny Masks

Next Easter craft project is just too cute! Prepare templates and invite your children to make paper bunny masks. Be prepared to see little bunnies hopping around the home next few weeks!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Tin Foil Easter Eggs

You probably have a tin foil roll in your home? Take out your sharpies and let kids decorate tin foil Easter eggs. You can string the finished eggs and create an amazing sparkly Easter banner!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Marbled Easter Egg Art

If you are not afraid of mess, your kids can play around and make marbled Easter egg art. To be truthful, almost all art projects are more or less messy. But, looking at finished Easter eggs, you have to admit it’s worth the mess!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Thumbprint Bunny 

Thumbprint here, thumbprint there! And before you know, you will make an adorable little thumbprint bunny with a fluffy tail! It can’t get any easier to make a cute Easter craft than this!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Scratch Art Easter Egg

We just love classic crafts with a holiday spin! Take a look at scratch art Easter eggs and you will love it as well! Kids always get surprised as they reveal colors under the black paint! You never know how your Easter egg will turn out!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Paper Plate Bunny

We spotted another adorable bunny craft with a fluffy tail and had to share with you! Different art process is used to create paper plate bunny craft - pom pom printing! Let your little one choose a color for the background.

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Easter Egg Wreath

Crunching and tearing tissue paper is an amazing workout for little fingers! Let them decorate paper egg shapes with tissue paper, then put them together to form a lovely Easter egg wreath for your front door!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Fork Chick Painted Art

Forks are meant for feeding! Well, not today! We will use them to make art! And it’s a super cute fork chick painted art! This project will make kids think: “What else we can use to make art?”.

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Shaving Cream Puffy Paint Easter Egg

Puffy painting is fun and a great sensory experience for kids. They can use their fingers or change it to a brush to try different effects. You can make a shaving cream puffy paint Easter eggs, bunnies, chick or a whole Easter basket!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Rock Painted Easter Eggs

Rock collecting and rock painting has always been popular with my girls! How about your kids? If you have a rock collection in your home, you can make easy rock painted Easter eggs!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Paster Easter Eggs 

Your kids probably painted pasta in the past? It’s one of the must-do classic crafts I guess everyone has done before! However, we never used painted pasta as a part of a collage like in pasta Easter eggs craft! Going on our to-make list!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Watercolor Surprise Easter Eggs 

Adding a surprise element to crafting is always exciting for kids! We also love how easily they can make watercolor surprise Easter egg craft! Get your watercolors and white crayon ready!

15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

More Easter Crafts To Do With Your Kids! 

I wanted to share a few fun Easter craft ideas that aren't necessarily meant for your kids to do by themselves, but more as decor or adult DIY/crafts. These could also be great for older kids or even to do along side your kids! I'll link the sources below the photos so you can check out their blogs/Instagram profiles.

Easter Craft Ideas for Kids
Easter Craft Ideas for Kids
Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

amazing Easter themed DIY dollhouse from Tegan Enloe 

DIY Spring/Easter Wreaths 

I love a good seasonal wreath, and these ones are gorgeous! Head over to their accounts linked below for the full tutorials!

Easy Easter Craft Ideas

DIY Spring Wreath by Sierra Miller 

Easy Easter Craft Ideas

Easter egg wreath by Home Sweet Mom Blog

Easy Easter Craft Ideas

wood bead wreath by The Daily Yay Blog

Easy Easter Craft Ideas

Easter egg wreath by Mary Sargent

Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

adorable Easter bunny wreath DIY by Hey There Heather Co

Easter Themed Dessert Boards

Of course you'll need some snacks/treats while you're crafting! These dessert boards are as cute as they are delish!

Easter Dessert Board

this adorable treat board is by Sierra Miller 

kids easter craft ideas

while you're crafting, why not make an adorable Easter dessert board like this one from The Daily Yay Blog

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Hopefully you found some great ideas of crafts to do with your kids! These are all such fun ideas and I know I'll be doing a few with my girls this Easter season. Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below or feel free to DM me on Instagram! Thanks so much for reading!

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15 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

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