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Front Door Wreaths for Year Round - Over 20 Options You Will Love!

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Now that the holidays are over, I have been on the hunt for front door wreaths that will look good year round. I've been out and about shopping, and haven't quite found the right one. Home Goods has a lot of great wreath options, but we have double doors so I can't seem to find two that match!

Front Door Wreaths for Year Round

I have been scouring the web to find the perfect, neutral wreaths and I am excited to share what I've come up with! There were SO many to choose from and I found all price points available. Feel free to click any of the wreaths below to shop directly.

Front Door Wreaths for Year Round

wreaths // olive topiaries // black pots // buffalo check mat // doormat 

Front Door Wreaths for Year Round
Front Door Wreaths for Year Round

The above wreaths (and photo) are from McGee & Co. They're beautiful and I love the added ribbon!

Front Door Wreaths for Year Round

I'm in love with the above wreath via Etsy (photo via Etsy). It's such a great color with the black door! 

Front Porch Refresh

My favorite time to decorate my home is after the holidays. My home is so cluttered during Christmas and I am always ready for a fresh start once January arrives. I've already refreshed my living room which you can check out here! Next up on my list is my whole front porch.

Front Door Wreaths for Year Round

I'm in search of a new front door rug to layer under my doormat. The buffalo check trend is still going strong, but I'm ready for a bit of a change! I was recently shopping at Target and saw that they had these on display with doormats now (finally!).

Front Door Wreaths for Year Round

Which Size Wreath for Front Doors?

The size of your wreath obviously depends on the size of your front door. Ours are extra tall, so I want a larger wreath so it doesn't get lost. Our door is also black, so I wanted something a little lighter so it stands out.

Front Door Wreaths for Year Round

The magnolia leaves are a little too dark, but would look good if you had a white door or a pop of color. Our front doors are 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide. For this size of door, a 24 -28 inch wreath would fit best.

How Much Do Wreaths Cost?

The cost of a front door wreath can vary greatly! I've seen some at a great deal at Home Goods for $24.99 (we had some for Fall and I love them!). Pottery Barn or McGee and Co will cost between $120 up to over $200.

You can usually find much better deals at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or Michaels! Keep in mind, the point is to use this wreath year round. If you need to splurge a bit, it will totally be worth it!

Adding to Your Wreath

We switch our wreaths out for the Fall and the Holidays. One way you could stretch your budget is to keep these wreaths for your holiday wreath and fall wreath. You can add a bow, twinkly lights or ornaments to make it more festive!

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Shop Front Door Wreaths

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Hopefully this list helped to narrow down the perfect front door wreath that you can keep up year round! Make sure to save the below photo to Pinterest for reference! Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below or feel free to DM me on Instagram!

Front Door Wreaths for Year Round
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