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Madison Jean - 11 Months Old

Madi Jean!  You are ELEVEN months old!!  This month has been such a fun month.  The weather took a turn for the best and we had so many hot days in May.  We got to go to the pool so many times and you loved it!  Madison has been living in her flamingo float.  It's the best $30 you will ever spend because how cute is it in pictures?!  This month, we also took our first family trip to Disneyland!  We had my mom and aunt go with us and let me just say, the extra help was SO needed with two tiny kiddos.  We would wear Madi in line for rides and feed her snacks and pouches to keep her happy.  It was nice to be able to go on some adult rides too with just Ryan and I.  Overall, I would totally recommend going to Disney with such little kids.  Just know going into it that it won't be relaxing AT ALL.  Anyways, back to Madi!

Madison is full on walking now.  There is no stopping her.  She's climbed to the top of the stairs several times (hello baby gates).  We have 4 of these and love them because you can walk through!  Madison's schedule hasn't changed at all.  Still sleeps from 7:30PM-8AM with two naps (11AM-1PM and 4-5PM).  Now that summer here, we'll be a little more flexible with her bedtime to enjoy the evenings more.

Madison is still quite the foodie.  She eats everything and anything that we give her!  Unlike our picky toddler, it's great!  I don't have too much of an update because nothing much has changed!  Now for the photos:


Memorial Day Neighborhood BBQ (have I mentioned how much I LOVE our neighborhood?!?)

Romper c/o The Little Spoons  / Bow c/o A Little Lady Shop 


Beach trip!  This time, we went to Seaside, OR!




Babies first watermelon.  She loved it!


Ducky Swim Suit c/o Stella Cove  She makes the quirkiest swim suits!

Dress c/o Lele For Kids / Bow c/o The Tiny Bow Shop 


Bow c/o The Darling Bow Co.

Hook on Chair c/o Regalo (which we LOVE by the way!)


The house we rented in Disney.  Let me know if you'd like the link.  It was amazing!

Our favorite beach in Laguna!  There is a ramp which is amazing for strollers (hard to find there).  It is at the Montage LB.  There was lots of fog but it burned off a few minutes after we arrived!

Obligatory baby in front of the castle photo


Another obligatory photo op 🙂


Thanks as always for reading!


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