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Mom's Cold Season Must Haves

I was asked by Cold-EEZE to participate in the #ColdEEZE campaign about mom's cold season must haves, sponsored by Cold-EEZE®. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

We are in the thick of cold season! I wanted to share a few things I keep on hand for when cold symptoms inevitably hit. Mom's don't get to take a day off, and with little ones around we're bound to get sick! The other day, I got that scratchy feeling in my throat and knew that a cold was coming on. Mama does not have time to be sick, so I grabbed my Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy Plus Defense Chewable Gels out of my mom bag to help shorten my cold.

Mom's Cold Season Must Haves

I always keep Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy with me in my bag. It can actually make the time you're sick with a cold shorter*! Have you ever left for a trip and then felt a cold coming on? Add Cold-EEZE® Plus Defense Chewables to your toiletries bag, and you'll be able to take it even on a trip. Cold-EEZE® is one of my go to cold season must haves. On top of Cold-EEZE® I also keep hand sanitizer (hello, I have toddlers!), tissues, and lip balm. I even keep them in my purse when I'm out and about without my kids. 

red bag on counter

red backpack

Cold-EEZE® Plus Defense Chewable Gels

Cold-EEZE® Plus Defense Chewable Gels not only shorten your cold, but they also help boost immune health**. They also taste great! I took Cold-EEZE® as recommended recently, and it worked well for me to shorten my cold! It's nice to know that Cold-EEZE can help to shorten my cold. Cold-EEZE® Plus Defense Chewable Gels contain ingredients like Zinc Gluconate, Rosa Canina, and Echinacea Purpurea. Make sure to check out their website here to learn more!  

Cold medicine in white purse on bed

I also keep Cold-EEZE® in my purse! 

Cold medicine on counter

Cold-EEZE® also tastes great! 

cold medicine on counter

EEZE® Plus Defense Chewable Gels are formulated with the same zinc found in clinically tested Cold-EEZE® zinc lozenges, which have been shown to shorten the duration of the common cold by 42%*

These gummies are available in a great tasting citrus with elderberry natural flavor.

Available in the cough/cold aisle of your local retailer. You're going to want to stock up to have these on hand! 

red bag on counter

red bag on counter

red bag on counter

red bag on counter

What are some of your must have items that you keep stocked in your bag during cold season? I'd love to hear! Thanks as always for reading and please let me know if you have any questions!

*When taken at the first sign of a cold and used as directed.

**Claim based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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