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Motherhood.  It's definitely nothing like I imagined it to be.  It is the happiest time of our life, but also the most tiring, draining, stressful and scary!  Am I doing everything right?  Am I scaring them for life?  Just when you aren't sure you can do it, they cuddle up with you on the couch and say "mommy, I wuff you".  You also gain such a huge appreciation for your own mom.  I can't believe some of the things I put her through (sorry mom)!  With Mother's Day coming up, I wanted to take some time today to celebrate moms!  I can't believe the amazing connections I've made with beautiful moms all over the country (and beyond!) from social media.  It's so crazy to think about the shared connection we all have because we are moms!  I have a group of 25 amazing mamas that are going to be talking about what motherhood means to them.  For those that have a blog or shop, I've included their links so you can follow along.  I've also linked to their Instagram accounts, so be sure to give them a follow.  Instagram is the platform that has brought us all together!  And seriously, how beautiful are these ladies?!?

Caroline - @Raisingave

Motherhood: It's everything and nothing that I expected. I was twenty when I became a mom for the first time. With Avery; she is my girl, my best friend. It was her and I for the longest time. Laiken is my rainbow baby. She's truly the joy after much heartache. Being a mother to me, is every single emotion in one tiny little baby that is placed into your arms to raise. I'm the farthest from a perfect mom, heck most days I fall SO short but it's those emotions: the fear that you won't "screw" up your child, the hope that you are doing something, at least one thing right. It's the exhaustion of the night time feedings and then arguing with a headstrong six year old daily. It's being so madly in love with these tiny humans that I get to call mine. They are my girls that the good Lord has entrusted to me to raise. There is something so profound about that. Motherhood changed who I thought I was down to the core. I became me. I grew up. I found my sole purpose in life. There is no greater blessing than learning life and the purest form of love than from my children.

Taylor - @allthingsstripes


Hello! My name is Taylor Kearney. I live in small town Nebraska with my husband and our three young daughters; Aven, Lettie and Elodie. I am a second grade teacher at a public school and my husband owns his own Welding business. With both working full time outside of the home and having three young children, we are very busy.

Motherhood is a very real and raw aspect of my life. Motherhood was the missing piece that I was always looking for. When I became a mom for the first time at the age of 21 I knew my life had changed, it had changed for the better. I became a better person and loved myself more than I had ever before. Now with three girls, I can't imagine my life any other way. However, there are days when being a mother is so complicated and frustrating. There are hard days and days where I ask myself "What in the world was I thinking?" But I remind myself that the days are the long but the years are short so live in the moment and enjoy all the little things.


Motherhood is truly a blessing. Sometimes I feel like I have been uniquely blessed to see motherhood through multiple lenses.  My first daughter came so easily, motherhood was just the next step in my life. It was fun, exciting, scary, all the things every new mom feels.  Then, after battling infertility for years while trying for my second, I suddenly saw motherhood as this unattainable goal that everyone else was achieving. Then came my first adoption, and motherhood took on an entirely new meaning.  God showed me that His way was the best way and that motherhood ran so much deeper than blood. Little did I know, however, in His infinite wisdom (and humor), that all those years of infertility were just part of His plan and my little family was about to increase by 2!!!  That's right 2...and only 7 months apart!!  Wow...now this "motherhood stuff" became work. My full time job that took everything I had to show me everything I could truly be and reward me with everything I could ever want.  But wait, He had one more surprise in store!!  Could it be, the sister of our first adopted angel was about to join our family as well?!?!?  So, yes, now I am the mom of 4!  Yep, 4 little girls, 3 under three, about to have 2 three olds at the same time!  No they're not twins. Yes, they all look different.  Yes my adopted kids look like me. No, the redhead is not adopted!  Yes, "I have my hands full", and no...I wouldn't change one single thing about it!

unnamed (7)
Hi, I’m Lauren, founder of Sleep & the City Child Sleep Consulting.  Motherhood to me is work- GREAT work.  I had no idea prior to having my children how much free time I actually had- like during rainy Sunday (Lifetime Movies on repeat!), while shopping at the store, or when throwing together 20+ ingredients to make a meal featured on the front of Bon Appetit.  After I had my son, it was all about that baby.  I became a terrible friend, stuck in the “newborn fog” of having your first child and completely drained.  I ended up moving my entire family back to my home state to raise my kids the best way I knew how- around family.  Becoming a Mother humbled me, helped me realize what did and didn’t matter in life (don’t sweat the small stuff, right?) and helped me realize all the sacrifices my own Mom did for me.  This is the most thankless job I’ll ever have, and I’m ok with that, because at the end of the day when my kids are tucked tight in their beds, I sometimes catch myself taking just a little bit longer to read that last book, because this is truly the best work I’ve done so far.  #babiesdontkeep

Bekah - @hellobohoblonde    hellobohoblonde.com


I had my daughter when I was 19 years old, which might be young for many, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It's truly indescribable, but the love that a mother has for her children is truly beyond measure. It's never been a walk in the park, and some days are more testing than others. But even on our bad days, our babies will always love us, and will always look up to us. Motherhood is messy, and exhausting but being a mother has been the most beautiful blessing I've ever experienced.

Ashley - @ashwisdom

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Being a mom has got to be one of the hardest/most frustrating jobs out there. But also the most rewarding. Motherhood changes you. You no longer live for yourself, but for this tiny person that you created. That you created! That still blows my mind. It's easy to lose yourself in motherhood, but I'm actually okay with that. I am a better version of myself after I became a mom. Making sacrifices for another person and putting another person before yourself is not necessarily a bad thing. I am stronger. Both emotionally and physically. I workout more and I'm more patient (usually). Still working on that one! 😉 I eat healthier. Our whole family does. We do more activities and have more family time than ever before. I've made new friends since becoming a mom. I've put myself out there and now I have lifelong friends that I don't know what I'd do without. I've done all these things and more because I want her to be proud of me. I want her to have a strong woman figure to look up to. I want to be the mom she needs to guide her through life. So yes, motherhood has changed me. And I wouldn't change that for the world.

Meghan - @hellokovos

Megs for Chels (2)

Motherhood is truly an adventure. Everyday you wake up not knowing what will be thrown at you. Will your toddler want to wear pants? How many times will I be asked “why?” today. There are days when I cannot remember the last time I had a moment to myself before 7:30 p.m. in weeks and then there are days when they go down for a nap and I end up sleep-stalking them because I miss them so much. Motherhood is feeling a level of happiness and excitement I never knew existed while simultaneously feeling a level of exhaustion I did not know was possible. Everyday I feel blessed to be the mother of my two girls and everyday I thank God for this epic adventure I get to call life.

Michelle - @michelle.diltz   helloblushingblonde.blogspot.com

unnamed (5)

To me, being a mother is the absolute greatest job in the world.  Motherhood is constant worry, constant guilt, and wondering if you're doing anything right.  Motherhood is realizing you have more unconditional love for someone than you ever knew was possible.  It changes you into a sleep deprived, selfless, and protective mama bear you never even knew existed within  yourself.  Motherhood is not knowing what you're doing half the time but giving it all you've got.  Motherhood is making sure your littles childhood is full of magic and hoping those memories will always remain with them.

Demi - @demi.wallace

I think the best compliment that I have ever received is when I was told that I was a good Mother. Because being a "Mother" is pretty much all that I do.

It's what wakes me up in the morning...my 2 year old daughter banging her sippy cup on her crib, calling for "more choco milk please!" It's what fills my days...playing barbies & memorizing every "Troll" name so I can tell her when she asks, "what Troll dis Mama!" The endless buckling & un-buckling of the car seat, and mastering how to handle the public tantrums that are thrown daily because she wanted to push the grocery cart and I said no.

It's what wraps up my nights...the tubby time that never ends, the lathering up with lotion and picking out her favorite Jammie's. Making sure she has all the essentials for "night nights."

Yes, being "just a stay at home mom" can be repetitive, tedious, and there are times I feel like I'm becoming the two year old that I'm trying to raise. There are days I count the minutes until Dad walks through the door, days I'd give my right arm for some adult conversation, and days I know I'll loose my freaking mind if I have to watch "Sophia the First" one more time. But my heck... it's the happiest I've been in my entire life. And I mean every cheesy word when I say that there is nothing in the world I'd rather be doing then being a stay at home Mom. I LOVE every tiresome second of it.

Kayla - @themidwesternmom    themidwesternmom.com


I was very young when I became a mom, and I had a lot of expectations for what motherhood would look like. As I have gotten older and added to my family, I have learned (over and over again) that there is no "right" way to be a good mom. I have learned that being a mom is exhausting, terrifying, and wonderful all at the same time. I have also learned not to take myself so seriously, and to do what is best for my kids- even if it's not by the book. I am so great full for my kids, and all they have taught me. I know I will continue to learn and grow with them.

Adria - @adriahig


Motherhood is the most exhausting yet the greatest and most fulfilling adventure I have ever experienced. It is controlled madness with difficult challenges but endless rewards. It has shaped me into a person that loves unconditionally, who is selfless, strong, protective, fearless and tenacious when it comes to my family.  It has taught me that although at times the job of a Mother is thankless, it is by far the most important job in the world and I am doing exactly what I was meant to do with my life.

Hannah @rubymakesthree    Rubymakesthree.com

unnamed (3)

Motherhood thus far has been a dream. One whirlwind full of love, dark circles under my eyes and so much cold brew but I wouldn't change it for anything the entire world. Watching your babe, do new things, say so many new things and become their own tiny person full of personality is pretty incredible. As a mama, it's my job to be a role model for my child. I believe that every child should grow up with a role model. someone to teach them to work hard and fight for what they believe in. I think that raising a strong woman is so important and as a mama raising a daughter in today's world. Kindness, empathy, love and a little hustle will all be attributes in my child when she's grown. Motherhood can mean so many things to everyone but at the end of the day, it's my job to work hard and show Ruby that it's more than okay to chase your dreams and get what you want in life, never stop reaching for the stars!

Alison  @the_tiny_bow_shop    etsy.com/shop/thetinybowshop

unnamed (6)

To me being a mom means nurturing and teaching three wild girls into becoming the strong independent women that they're destined to become. That rewarding glimpse through the haze of early childhood that shows the kind, caring soul they are developing is what makes it all worthwhile.  When asked how motherhood has changed me I didn't know how to answer. It's constantly changing me even five years into the journey. I'm still learning and reevaluating the friend versus parent roll. How much discipline is too much and which battles are worth fighting. But ultimately I think it's changed my perspective on not just me, but on my family, my life as a whole and how truly important they are to me.

Lynnae - @rusticbranches   etsy.com/shop/RusticBranches

image1 (2)

Hi, I'm Lynnae and I am a mama to three littles who are my world. My world was forever changed 10 years ago when I held my first baby girl in my arms, then 14 months later my sweet boy and then 9 months ago when I gave birth to our third (and last) baby boy. I was CHOSEN to be their mama, to love them unconditionally, to teach them, guide them, grow them, most of all love them. Little did I know this motherhood journey is a tough, yet best, fulfilling job ever. Even on the hard days when I feel like I am failing, the smiles, the laughter, the little notes and sweet words they say remind me that I AM a great mama and they are the reasons why I LOVE being a mom. Motherhood is a remarkable gift, that takes a lot of patience, love, courage, selflessness, sleepless nights  and lots of snuggles. I love seeing the world through my children's eyes, it's an unforgettable journey I am on and they are my greatest adventures. Being a mom is far better than I ever imagined.

Christina - @littleboholoves     littleboholoves.com

unnamed (2)

Being a mom means being happier than I've ever been before. It's looking at my two girls and thinking "these are the days". We often take things in our lives for granted and look back and think "wow, life was really good back when...". The amazing thing about life right now is that I know these are the very best times. And if I ever forget there's always that old lady walking around target or the grocery store that'll say "enjoy this time it goes too fast!" It's funny because I know some day I'll be that lady. Interestingly, I feel nostalgic for these days, even though I'm currently in them. The days when my 17 month old says a new word each day and squeals with delight every time she sees a furry animal. The days when my almost 5 year old is coming out of her shell and is becoming more independent and social every time I turn around. Not a day goes by she doesn't write, color, paint or draw a new masterpiece for me. These days are short but sweet for certain. Motherhood has made me more emotional, more anxious, more vulnerable, less selfish, less concerned with the little things (like daily showers) and eternally grateful that these two little souls were entrusted to me. I hope they grow up to share with the world the same love and happiness they've give to me.

Tiffany - @tiffsara    pineappleandpeplums.com

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Motherhood has changed me for the best. Being a mom has taught me patience I never knew I had, love I didn't know existed and without thinking twice, so much selflessness. Being a mom is hard work but I wouldn't change it for the world. The way you feel when that little hand grabs out for yours, or the feeling of their head on your neck when they fall asleep on you, and one of my favorite moments of the day, the smile they flash when you go in to wake them up for the day. Everyday is a new day and fresh start in your babies world, and I am trying to live my life that way too.

Hilary - @hkpfeff523     therufflifeky.blogspot.com

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This year will mark my very first Mother's Day celebrating as a mama myself. Quickly closing in on a year of having a daughter has me thinking about how incredibly thankful I am to have the title of mom. Motherhood has been my greatest challenge but by far my greatest joy. Most days I have no idea what I'm doing, just winging it, giving it my all and hoping for the best. And even though I've completely lost my mind, I've found my purpose. Motherhood has shown me strength I didn't know I had, a whole new level of patience and the truest meaning of unconditional love. Funny how you don't there's a missing piece of your heart until it finds you.

Arin - @arinsolange    arinsolangeathome.com

unnamed (1)

My name is Arin from arinsolangeathome.com, and I'm the mama to 2 littles and a third on the way.  I still consider myself new to mommy hood with a 4.5 year old and 2.5 year old, and I'm constantly learning from them, other moms, and through life in general.  Being a mama is nothing like what I expected, and has come with its fair share of ups and downs, (all good things do, right?) but it's been the best ride I've ever been on.  My son has a language delay, and I'm forever grateful for the overall life lessons he has taught me about being ourselves, having grace with each other, and our own shortcomings, and having faith with what tomorrow will bring.  I have learned to roll with the punches, and to embrace all good and bad milestones with a smile (and occasional tears), and love knowing that they will continue to teach me for the rest of their days!! You can follow my journey in motherhood, and never ending desire to decorate my home on my blog or on insagram under @arinsolange.

Molly - @mollyberliner    simplyruffled.tumblr.com

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Becoming a mother means so much to me, it's the most heartbreaking, joyful, rewarding experience. When my children are happy or sad, they run to me because I am their world... to laugh with them & hear their fears is a privilege. Becoming a mom has taught me to become adaptable, you really don't know how quickly plans can change with little ones!

Julie - @thedarlingbowco    thedarlingbowco.etsy.com


My name is Julie; I’m the Mom of three kids who are currently in college, a junior son and twin daughters who are sophomores.  It seems like only yesterday they were all little and everyday was exciting and busy. But now, without kids living at home most of the year, I found I actually have extra time on my hands. I’ve always enjoyed sewing and creating things for little ones, but never thought I could actually make a business out of my hobby.  It took me a while, but with the encouragement of my family and friends I took a chance and opened an Etsy Shop: The Darling Bow Co. My children are major supporters of The Darling Bow Co.  One kid answers all my finance questions, they all help me navigate the world of social media, they help with adding creative items to the shop, and are my biggest supporters!  The most important thing I have discovered though all this time is that I’m blessed to be a Mom.  It is the greatest job I will ever have and I still get to be their Mom no matter how “big” my babies are.  But now, The Darling Bow Co. is my new baby and I love seeing my creations on others little ones and all the smiles that come with them.

Stevie - @sincerlystevieblog    sincerelystevie.com


Being a mom has given me a sense of purpose. I know I belong on this Earth to be a mother to my 3 boys. It has taught me selflessness, & a love I never knew existed. It has taught me that family is everything! All that I do is for my babies. I never knew pure exhaustion could coincide so much with happiness! 😉 So grateful that God gave me these 3 little humans to raise into gentleman.

Jay - @jaysoroka

What do I enjoy about motherhood? Absolutely EVERYTHING. As hard as it somedays, it is such a joy watching Aleia grow and her smile is everything. She has taught me more things about life in the last year than any University class ever has in 6 years. She has showed me a whole new level of love I never knew even existed and on the absolutely tough days when I can't wait to open that bottle of wine, she has taught me patience. As much as time is passing by what I look forward to the most is having a best friend for life.

Julie - @positivelypearson    positivelypearson.blogspot.com

unnamed (4)

I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. Becoming a mom revealed a piece of myself I didn't know was missing and now it's my favorite part of who I am. I have embraced the messy buns and yoga pants every day and I didn't need any convincing that going to Target three times a week was awesome. Even though having a one year old and a three year old physically and mentally drains me most days, they are also where I get my energy from. Those sweet snuggles and funny conversations fill my heart with so much love that it makes the hard days more than worth it. My family is my heart and I am so proud and thankful that I get to be mommy to these two amazing babes!

Navy - @navypatten   navyberlin.com

Being a mother has completely changed me in every way. It’s not just about me anymore. I get up early and go to bed late. I'm busy all day and rarely am I doing anything for myself. Would I change it, not a chance. It’s really all I ever dreamed about becoming and once I did, I realized that anyone can be a mom but it takes everything in you, and then some, to be a mother. So many times, it feels thankless, and sometimes pointless because I am constantly cleaning up the same messes and saying the same things over and over again. But then comes the moments when Jack only wants me to play with him and gives me a big kiss and tells me, “Mom, I miss you. Mama, I love you.” or when I pick Posy out of her crib and she screams, “Mama!!” with so much excitement. That is what it is all about! It may not feel like it on the hard days, but these truly are the days and there is no where else I would rather be!

Jenifer - @mommakoyle     mommakoyle.com

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Growing up I knew I always wanted to be a mom. I also never knew how hard it is to be a mom  Becoming a mom doesn't mean you give up your dreams and goals, but often your ideas, dreams, and goals change. Life stops being about you. It becomes about someone else. My girls are my everything. I would do anything to help them reach their little goals and succeed in life. It's not easy to be a mom, but it's worth it. I wouldn't change being a mother for anything in the world!

Thank you so much for reading about these amazing moms!


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