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Unicorn Braid Tutorial - Hairstyles for Girls

Our two little girls have pretty long hair, so I've been getting my fair share of hair style practicing in! I wanted to share a super fun hair style that we've been doing for the last year or so with you. It's super easy once you get the hang of it and it looks much more complicated than it is. This unicorn braid hairstyle is so fun and only takes about 5 minutes or so tops.

Unicorn Braid Tutorial - Hairstyles for Girls

Make sure to watch the video below for a visual on how we get this look. For the unicorn braid hairstyle, I use a fine tooth comb, small elastics, a water bottle, and a little bit of hair spray. Make sure to check out our hair must haves here.

Unicorn Braid Tutorial - Hairstyles for Girls

Step 1:

Brush out hair. Part top section of hair into two smaller sections and tie with small elastics.

Step 2:

Part top section into two, then feed 2nd pony tail through first. I have my daughter hold the 2nd section at her face to help.

Step 3

Take the first pony tail that is sticking back from the 2nd parted section and then add to a 3rd pony tail. I combine the 1st pony tail with the third. Then put an elastic around those two pieces.

Step 4

Take your next pony tail and part it in two. Then take the piece that your child was holding and feed it into that pony tail. You'll complete these steps until you are finished. I continue each section until I'm at the nape of their neck, but you can always stop half way through.

Step 5

To finish, I tie off the pony tail. Sometimes, I will either do a fishtail braid or a loop through braid until I'm at the end of the pony tail.

Unicorn Braid Tips

I would definitely watch the video so this will hopefully make more sense! It's hard to explain, but I promise will get so easy with practice. To get a fuller/thicker looking "braid", I pull the sections out a bit until they are a little more fluffy. To finish off, I spray with a little bit of hair spray to keep everything in place.


Unicorn Braid Tutorial - Hairstyles for Girls


Unicorn Braid Tutorial - Hairstyles for Girls

Unicorn Braid Tutorial - Hairstyles for Girls

I like that this hair style doesn't have to be perfect and can be quickly done. You can also do this hair style in twos which is another really cute idea! Make sure to check out another hair tutorial on how to get super bouncy curls, here! Thanks so much for reading, and please let me know if you have questions!

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Unicorn Braid Tutorial - Hairstyles for Girls

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  1. Hey! Love this idea, but the video doesn’t seem to be linked. Can you confirm it is attached to the post?

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