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Balloon Garland DIY

Here is our step-by-step tutorial to make the easiest balloon garland ever!
Prep Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour
Keyword: Balloon Art, Balloon Garland, Balloon Tutorial, Balloons, Party Decor
Servings: 1 Balloon Garland
Cost: $30


  • Electric balloon pump


  • 64 Balloons (less or more depending on length)
  • 15-20 Feet Strong fishing line
  • 2-4 Command Hooks


  • Blow up your balloons. Again, I use varying sizes and colors. You’ll want about the same amount in small and medium balloons and then a few large balloons. After I blow them up and before I tie them off, I push them up against my body as I hold the opening and let a little bit of air out. This gives me a longer ‘tail’ to work with and it also makes the balloon rounder vs. longer.
  • Next, we’ll tie our balloons together. If you are going for more of a rainbow garland, you’ll obviously want to keep all your colors separated. If you want it more randomized, tie any of your colors together. I take a medium balloon and a large balloon and tie them together. Then, take a medium balloon and a small balloon and tie those together. Next, take a small balloon and a medium balloon and tie those together. Basically, you’ll want to tie random sizes together in groupings of two.
    We’ll take our groupings of two balloons and tie them together with another grouping of two balloons. This will make a ‘quad’ which will make up our balloon garland!
  • Now that all our balloons are blown up and tied together in groups of four, this next step goes super quickly! You’ll take your first quad of balloons and fishing line and tie them on. Make sure to leave around a yard of fishing line on the end so you can tie it up. You’ll loop the fishing line around one of the balloons on the quad and tie it twice.
  • Next, you’ll take your second quad of balloons and push them as closely to the first quad as possible. When I say close, I mean really push them close (it will almost feel like you’re going to pop them!). Then, you’ll loop the fishing line around one balloon and push up tightly. They should be super tight together to give a full look. Please watch my video above if this doesn’t make sense! You’ll finish looping each quad onto the fishing line until you have your balloon garland as long as you’d like it to be.
  • Use  glue dots to add in extra small balloons if desired. You can also use scotch tape or a low temp glue gun. The low temp glue gun works really well and lasts the longest!
  • Our last step is to fasten our balloon garland! Again, I like tying our balloon garlands to our stair railing or loft railing but this doesn’t always work for where I want our balloon garland to go. You can also tie your balloon garland to a command hook, let the end hang, or fasten the other end to another command hook. It really just depends on the look you’re going for!