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Baby Essentials from a Times Two Mom 

I am no baby expert but since I've done this whole baby thing twice, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what you need and what you don't.  I am so excited to share my baby essentials from a times two mom with you.  Here are a few of my most favorite baby items!

Baby Essentials from a Times Two Mom


Dockatot, dock a tot, baby must haves

I can't say enough good things about the DockATot.  I know I've talked a lot on how amazing our Dock was, but when your baby isn't sleeping and somehow they magically fall asleep in there, you'd easily hand over a million dollars to get them to sleep.  Luckily you don't have to spend a million dollars, but if you click on this link you can save $10 (you're welcome).  It was also nice when visiting friends to have a safe spot to put them while McKinlee played or really just anywhere around the house.


Owlet, baby must haves

The Owlet gave me such piece of mind and I was able to sleep so much better knowing that it would alert me if anything were wrong.  We didn't have it with McKinlee, and I was constantly waking up checking to see if she was breathing.  Madison also had RSV, and this monitored her breathing and Oxygen levels which gave me peace of mind while she wasn't being monitored by her doctor.

Halo Sleep Sacks 

Halo sleep sack, baby must haves

I know they have newer swaddles in the market, but these worked so well for us.  We used them for both girls, and what I loved about these was it took all the guess work out of swaddling.  Ryan and I took a baby care class before we had McKinlee, and I swear they spent an hour talking about how to swaddle.  I wish someone would have told us not to worry about it and to buy a Halo sleep sack.  It's also nice that you don't have to un-swaddle them to do a diaper change (who can manage to do that at 3AM?!).

Nest Cam 

Nest Cam, baby must haves

We originally had a different monitor that was meant to be a security cam and it was awful!  The picture was horrible and it would constantly cut in and out.  We have the Nest thermostat (which we loooooove) and decided to get the Nest cams for both girls rooms.  The picture quality is amazing, you can view your monitor from your phone when you're out and about and they are home with a baby sitter, you can have access to the history of the photos, and you can totally reuse them as security cams when you don't need them as baby monitors any longer!


Boppy2, boppy, baby must haves

Boppy cover by my friend over at ByGeorgeBabyBoutique 

I used my Boppy so much.  I was able to successfully breastfeed Madison and I had to have my Boppy to nurse her.  We also used this for a place for her to lounge, practice tummy time, and if people were visiting a safe place for them to prop the baby up while they held her.  I can't recommend this enough.

Diaper Pail

Diaper Genie, baby must haves

You need a diaper pail because poop stinks.  This one is super easy because you just step on the lever and it opens up.  You don't have to touch anything.  Hooray!  We own this model and love it.

Sound Machine

Sound Machine, baby must haves

This was something we used every night and for every nap with both girls.  We liked this sound machine that also projects images on the ceiling, and the price is great.  We even took this with us when we went on vacations.  It truly drowns out every noise.  My girls even slept through the dreaded UPS doorbell rings.  We also have a big dog that barks at every leaf that blows by, so this was super necessary for us.  I've also heard really good things about this sound machine and my sleep consultant friend love it too.

Breast Pump

Pump, breast pump, baby must haves

I had a horrible time breast feeding with McKinlee.  She would never latch on quite right, so I ended up pumping for her for 7 MONTHS.  I had pumping down to a science.  I never thought I would need to pump right off the bat and was so glad I already had my pump ready to go.  Insurance will most likely cover your pump which is amazing.  My favorite one is by Medela.  I actually had two, one for the car and one for my house.  I also had a portable battery pack for the car.  If you need any pumping advice, I'm your girl!


Liquid Gold, baby must haves , breastfeeding

With both girls, I had low milk supply.  Until I found this stuff.  It was an amazing miracle worker!  I swear by it.  Check out her shop on Etsy.  You can send her a message about what your issues are and she will respond with her recommendations really quickly!  I also took moringa leaf #notahealthprofessional



Both of our girls loved their swing, and of course they liked the ugliest swing out there.  But, whatever works and it'll only be in your house for 6ish months.  McKinlee napped in that thing for her first six months of life.  Oops.

Things we really didn't need:

Wipe warmer - I kind of felt like you would spoil your baby and they'd never be ok with a cold wipe when you were out and about with them.  Am I the only one that thinks this?!

Baby food maker - I had grand plans of making all our own baby food, only to find out McKinlee was a super picky eater (goodbye tubs of pureed pees!) and I sort of gave up doing this with Madison.  We got the Baby Bullet, and ended up using it to make smoothies for ourselves!  It was an awesome concept though.  If I were to try making our own baby food, I would for sure purchase this baby food maker.  It also comes in white with rose gold accents, duh!

Vibrating Bouncer - We pretty much just stuck with our big swing and used the DockATot with Madison.

Fancy Bedding - We purchased a beautiful sheet and breathable bumpers, and that's it. The breathable bumpers aren't that cute, but they're safe!

Bottle Warmer - One day I was over at a friends house and I was running a bottle under warm water to warm it up.  She told me that the baby will drink it cold unless you get them used to only warm milk.  Genius.  Madison has cold formula now and she doesn't seem to mind one bit!

What were your most needed baby items and what were those that you didn't end up using much, if at all?



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