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Our Go-To Chores for Kids Ages 3-6

This post has been sponsored by Cat’s Pride®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The girls love helping out around the house! I wanted to share a few of our go-to chores for kids ages 3-6 to give you some ideas. The girls LOVE their cats, and we make sure to get them involved in helping with them. The girls' main chore is cleaning the litter box! Our favorite kitty litter to use is Cat's Pride® Total Odor Control Unscented. They also help out with feeding them and making sure they have water.

Our Go-To Chores for Kids Ages 3-6

We've talked about their chore list a few times here on the blog too! It give them a great sense of accomplishment and a sense of ownership. Even loading the dishes in the dishwasher or putting away their laundry is a great start. If it seems intimidating to give your very little kids tasks around the house, my advice would be to start small!

Mom and daughters with cat in laundry room

Helping with Pets

Our girls couldn't be more in love with their cats. They'll gladly help out around the house when it comes to them! We adopted our two sweet kitties from local animal shelters here in Oregon and are so happy that we did! I've had Lexi for 13 years and Lola for 12! Our go-to kitty litter is Cat's Pride® Total Odor Control Unscented.

girls hugging cat on bed

I love that it is made from a powerful dual-clay blend that gives 10-day odor control! It's also great at clumping. It locks in that gross ammonia smell so our cat room smells fresh and clean! Cat's Pride is also 99% dust free, so we don't have to worry about the girls getting dusty while they help out!

girl and mom helping clean cat box in laundry room

Through Cat's Pride® Litter for Good™ program, every GREEN JUG™ of litter purchased, Cat's Pride® will donate a pound to animals in need. They've donated over 8 million pounds! Find it in store and save now with this coupon for $3 off your purchase of a GREEN JUG™! You can also buy now on chewy.com!

woman with cat in arms


Another one of our favorite chores for kids ages 3-6 is helping out with the dishes. They obviously can't do the dishes in full, but they can at least help with putting their dirty dishes in the dishwasher. We also have the girls help us with unloading the dishwasher. We put their dishes in a low cupboard that they can easily access.


We also try really hard to get the girls to help with laundry. They know to put their dirty clothes in the correct color bins, which helps tremendously! Another easy task to have them help with is to put away their laundry. That's my least favorite part!

Clean Up

Another no-brainer is making sure they clean up their room and make their bed. This can be a little daunting because I can do it so much faster than them. Trust me, it will help in the long run if you let them clean up themselves. Make sure to have lots of bins so they can easily put their toys away. I also like to set a timer and have them clean is quickly as they can! This makes it more of a game for them.

black and white cat with girl on bed

Clean at Their Height

Since they are a lot shorter than us, another great chore is to have them clean baseboards. Give them a rag and let them go to town! I also love to have them clean the cupboards and island.

two cats with cats pride kitty litter

Hopefully this gave you some great ideas to get your kids involved around the house! Make sure to check out Cat's Pride for your kitty litter and accessory needs needs! We love it, and the girls love helping with the litter box as their main chore.


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