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FARM Rio Matching Sets We Can't Get Enough Of

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A good matching set will make you feel put together, and FARM Rio’s are among the most popular in the high fashion industry!

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Cute summertime looks are always crucial to find, and sometimes a good matching set is the way to go. Matching sets are perfect because no matter what the top looks like, you’ll have pants or a skirt to match along with it, which can make it an easy option when it comes to deciding what to wear.

Many high-end fashion brands create matching sets, but none of them are quite like FARM Rio’s. Inspired by the culture and creativity that comes out of Brazil, FARM Rio is a women’s clothing and lifestyle brand that aims to create beautiful fashion full of expression through unique patterns. 

FARM Rio has some of the best matching sets you’ll want to get your hands on, so check out some of the most popular ones!

The Most Essential Details Before Purchasing FARM Rio Clothing

FARM Rio is a unique brand, and customers should be made aware of where they come from and how their clothing fits!

FARM Rio is a brand from Brazil that inspires creativity and a unique form of expression through their patterns and clothing style. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

FARM Rio is a unique brand, but getting to know more about them first can be beneficial from a customer’s point of view. From knowing where the company got its start, where they are located, and even how their clothing fits is crucial information to learn more about. 

Who is FARM Rio?

Upon looking at FARM Rio’s merchandise, it is evident that they are deeply inspired by nature. They are heavily influenced by the flora in Brazil and you can find everything from colorful flowers, leaves, and brightly colored macaws on almost every piece of clothing they make.

FARM Rio also pays tribute to the cultures and traditions within the country. They have made this the center of what the brand is all about.

Where is FARM Rio From?

FARM Rio got its start in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it’s where their headquarters are still located today. 

The brand was founded in 1997 in Brazil, and it has  stores located in the United States, specifically New York, Miami, and Venice, but they also have pop-up stores in France and Italy. 

How Does FARM Rio Fit?

FARM Rio has typical sizing that is perfect for women who wear sizes XXS to XL, and their clothing also covers many different body types so everyone can find something that they love. It is important to know that many people who purchase FARM Rio’s clothing have felt that sizing up helped to fit more comfortably than ordering your regular size. 

According to many customers who love and actively buy from FARM Rio, they have found that their clothing has little to no stretching, which is why it’s recommended to size up.

The Best FARM Rio Matching Sets to Own 

You’ll want to get your hands on all of FARM Rio’s matching sets, but here are some of the best!

FARM Rio has created some beautiful matching sets to express your creativity through fashion. Image courtesy of WWD

There are many matching sets that FARM Rio has created, which make it hard to choose the one that best fits you and your style. Many of their matching sets are made for the beach, or even for comfort to wear on a road trip, so select a pattern and a fit that resonates with you.

Black Giraffes Matching Set

FARM Rio’s Black Giraffes matching set is a fun set perfect for a unique going-out look with friends or family. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

If you are looking for something that screams unique, then the Black Giraffe matching set is the perfect look to go with. This matching set includes a sleeve blouse with a round neckline and puffed elbow sleeves and straight leg pants made out of 100% viscose and an elastic waistband. The animal print on it helps to create a modern look with an urban feel to wear while walking through the city.

Pink Croco Matching Set

A bold crocodile print with the Pink Croco matching set by FARM Rio is the perfect option for many who want to explore new styles. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

There is nothing more fun than finding a new pattern to feel confident and bold. The particular pattern that we’re looking at is the Pink Croco matching set, which has crocodiles all over it, along with a bright pink base that helps it to stand out. With this knit, button-up sweater  and a midi skirt, this matching set is extremely comfortable for all day wear, and perfect for the changing of the seasons. 

Black 3D Flower Matching Set

A unique look by FARM Rio is the Black 3D Flower Matching Set, where the pattern seems to pop off for a unique style. Image courtesy of FARM Rio

Sometimes a flashy pattern doesn’t suit certain individuals and instead something 3D can be better. 3D in fashion is very unique and different and the Black 3D Flower matching set by FARM Rio makes it happen. This matching set includes a corset crop top and a midi skirt that  features 3D flowers on it to make them look like they are bounding right off of you. You can also add colors to this outfit to make it really pop since this matching set is solid black. 

Black Ainika Sparkle Matching Set

A unique pattern that represents Rio de Janeiro by FARM Rio is a wise selection because  it can help you to stand out and show off your bold personality. Image courtesy of FARM Rio.  

There is no matching set that perfectly represents FARM Rio quite like the Black Ainika Sparkle one because of its bold and bright pattern that encompasses Brazil. This matching set includes a short sleeve blouse and a mini skirt that can be the perfect mid-season outfit that encourages self-expression. It is also made out of 100% cotton, making it the best all-day wear set for comfort. 

Where to Buy FARM Rio

FARM Rio is a popular brand and knowing where you can buy their merchandise is essential!

FARM Rio is a brand that many people buy from, no matter if it’s through online retailers or in-store. Image courtesy of Writer's Remorse

When it comes to choosing the best matching sets through FARM Rio, you may be wondering where you can purchase them. Knowing whether you want to purchase one online, or try one on in a physical store is something to consider and there are a few different options on where to look.

FARM Rio’s Website

The best place to look to find all of the newest and most popular matching sets is through FARM Rio’s website. Not only can you find matching sets, but you can find everything from t-shirts, blouses, bodysuits, swimwear, blazers, skirts, pants, and even shoes as well. You can also look through their sale items, or even get 15% off of your first purchase with a code on their website. 


Another great online retailer to check out is Shopbop, as they have a ton of different high-end fashion brands to look through. No matter if you’re looking for a specific piece of clothing, shoes, accessories, or even handbags, Shopbop has just what you need at a great price, and FARM Rio merchandise is sold there too with their own section to go through.

Physical Stores

There is also the option of going and trying on FARM Rio’s matching sets in person to find the correct size for you or the pattern that resonates with you the best.

Check out some physical stores that sell FARM Rio’s matching sets:

  • FARM Rio
  • Nordstrom
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Anthropologie
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Saks Fifth Avenue

The perfect matching set through FARM Rio is waiting for you so you can express your creativity  through clothing. Make sure to get the perfect one for you today!

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