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Freshly Picked

I'll never forget watching Susan Peterson on Shark Tank in 2014 pitch her idea of her darling leather moccasins, Freshly Picked to the Sharks and getting a deal!  I had my first daughter in 2014 as well, and quickly went to her Instagram page to follow along after the show aired.  I scooped up a pair and my daughter wore them into the ground, literally.  I have loved following along with her and the Freshly Picked journey.  I love a story of a "mompreneur" and starting something so huge from nothing at all.


McKinlee trying on her tiny baby sisters newborn moccasins

With my first daughter, I was hesitant to spend $60 on a pair of shoes for her.  After purchasing one pair for her and seeing just how much she wore them, I realized that they were worth far more than that.  I love that they have also introduced a lower price point without sacrificing quality.  They stand behind their products and have amazing customer service.  McKinlee was a super early walker (she took her first steps at 9.5 months!) and our doctor recommended soft soled shoes, so Freshly Picked were our go to shoes for her.  Children first learn to walk by gripping their toes on the ground which they can easily do in these moccs.

Tutu / Door Mat

Once we found out we were pregnant with our second daughter, I purchased a pair of the newborn moccasins in platinum (see below).  Madison wore these darling moccs almost every day of her first few months of life.  As a busy mom of two, you want something that is going to go on quickly, easily, and stay put on their little feet!  I am going to save those tiny moccs forever as keepsakes to give back to her when she is older.

Madison was just a few weeks old here (man, I look tired!)





Thank you so much for reading about our experience with Freshly Picked.  We will be hosting a giveaway next week where you can win your very own pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins!  Check my Instagram page next week for details on how to enter.  Please let me know if you have any questions!


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