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Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls

I am so proud of myself for being on top of the gift guide game early this year!  I was super thoughtful in choosing items for our gift ideas for 3 year old girls and 5 year old girls.  We tried to choose things that we specifically owned, used, or have something similar.  Toys that are fun but also provide some education for our girls is super important.  I'm so sick of all the junk toys (although, we still do own these), so I tried to choose items that the girls play with for hours on end.  They really love to build and create, so you'll see lots of those types of items here.

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls

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Items four and twelve

We love the magnetic building toys and this castle is so darling!  I love the pastel colors vs. the primary colors in the one we own.  The girls still play with these every single day.  The girls also really love all the S.T.E.M. toys out there, and we really love this one and this one.  Frozen II is obviously coming out this season, and the girls ask for them EVERY time we walk by the displays in the store.  They love to play pretend with their dolls, and our doctor always talks about how good this is for them.  If you haven't checked out the sensory bins by Mama of Joy, you must!  They are such a fun and unique gift idea.

This year, we are heading to Disneyland so the gifts will be limited and thoughtful.  We typically wrap up gifts from Ryan and I, but this year they'll all be coming from Santa.  Make sure to check out our gift guide for little girls from last year here.  Everything has been updated with current links/substitutes of items are sold out.

Do you like to get your holiday shopping done early or do you want until the last minute?  I'm trying to be ahead of the game this year since there are only 3.5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Thanks so much for reading and please let me know if you have any questions!

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Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls

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