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Madison Jean - 8 Months Old!

I can't believe we only have 4 months of our baby being less than a year old!  Cue all the tears from mama!  This sweet baby girl is a dream baby.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Floral Swaddle  / Faux Fur Throw (similar)


Month by Month Stickers

This month, Madison had her two front teeth pop through.  She slept pretty poorly for a couple of nights and then was back to her perfectly sleeping self.  Is there anything cuter than a baby with two front teeth?!   We had quite a few big firsts.  Sitting up in the cart with her big sis by her side, and swinging at the park!  When we first tried the cart we went to Target (duh).  We used our favorite blanket from By George! Baby Boutique to put behind her for some extra cushion and then covered the cart with our Milk Snob nursing/carseat/cart cover.  It worked perfectly.  Mama got her Iced Americano and McKinlee got her birthday cake pop to keep her happy.  Things went so well we ended up going to Costco and TJ Maxx all in one day!  We've had two swing dates at the parks in our neighborhood and girlfriend is obsessed.  I think she could swing for hours.  I can't wait for more warm weather so we can go to the park more often.

Madison has still been sleeping like a dream (except while she was cutting teeth).  She still sleeps in her DockaTot at night, but has been getting upset when we put her in there during the day.  I think she wants to sleep on her tummy for naps oddly enough.  So, tummy it is.  She still naps from 10ish-1PM with a 2nd quick nap from 4-5PM, then down for bed at 7:30PM.  She sleeps till around 7 or 8AM.

Madison has still been eating great!  We've been trying more solid foods like puffs and yogurt bites, but she's still mostly on purees.  No complaints in the food department unlike McKinlee!  She eats like a bird!

Madison is now able to get to the sitting position from laying down and can pull her self up.  I checked on her on the monitor and she happened to be standing up in her crib (time to lower the mattress!).  I sure hope she doesn't walk by 9.5 months like her sister did...slow down baby girl!

And now for the pictures!


On our way to our check up!   Car Seat (the best!!)  / Stroller Blanket (she's all sold out, but will be adding more soon!)

The best stroller ever!  / Diaper Bag


Pajamas (all sold out but I linked to similar...the best quality!!)

The first time leaving her at my gym's daycare!   She did great!

Our first time in THE PINK CART!  McKinlee asked if we could take it home with us...

Sister wants ALL the Costco samples


Day trip to Eugene

Bath Tub - Sold Out most places but I found it here!




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