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Spring Cleaning Ideas - Laundry Room

This post was sponsored by Whirlpool®. These items were generously donated in exchange for coverage, but all opinions and copy are my own.

With all this extra time at home, I’m really noticing the dust bunnies and dirt spots – especially now that the weather is warmer and we get extra sunlight in the house. As I’m in full-on cleaning mode, I wanted to share a few spring-cleaning ideas that center around our laundry room. With our entire family at home 24/7, our have definitely been getting a lot of use!

woman in white top in front of whirlpool washing machine in laundry room

Spring cleaning can become a little overwhelming, so I wanted to start with a few areas in your home that you might not have thought about. These are all items that don't take much manual labor because your washing machine will do all the work!

One - Couch Cushions

We recently got rid of our large, dark grey sectional and decided to move our smaller sectional from upstairs to downstairs. The only issue is that it was very well loved and stained. On a whim, I decided to take all the cushion covers off and wash them! I can't believe how beautifully it came out. We washed them on hot and even dried them in the dryer. I used a stain remover on the stained portions and threw them in!

woman unzipping couch cover

woman in white top in front of whirlpool washing machine in laundry room

My favorite feature of our Whirlpool® Smart Front Load Laundry Pair is that we don't have to figure out how much detergent to use. With the , it will dispense the correct amount of detergent per load for up to 40 loads.* It figures it all out for us.

pouring detergent into white front loading washing machine

Two - Rugs

Another Spring cleaning idea is washing your rugs! Rugs often get missed during your normal day to day cleaning, and they most always wash up really nicely in our washing machine! Our is able to handle even bulky items, and they come out beautifully!

woman in white top in front of whirlpool washing machine in laundry room

Three - Pillow Covers

I love switching out my pillow covers during new seasons. Spring cleaning is a great time to freshen them up! Take them off your pillow forms and stain treat them (if needed). Then I just pop them in my and they come out great!

woman in white top in front of whirlpool washing machine in laundry room

Four - Blankets

Do you wash your blankets often?! I feel like this is something that gets missed. We love having lots of blankets on our couch and cuddling up as a family, including our pets. Needless to say, our blankets need washing after our dog sprawls out on them. Pop them in your and choose a bulky cycle. I dry them fully, and they come out perfectly fluffy!

woman making a bed

woman in white top in front of whirlpool washing machine in laundry room

woman in white top in front of whirlpool washing machine in laundry room

Five - Curtains

Have you ever washed your curtains? This one can kind of be a pain as you'll need to make sure to iron/steam them after they come out of the dryer. Curtains can get really dusty, so this is a great Spring cleaning idea. My recommendation would be washing them on cold and hanging them to dry. I love using the Whirlpool® app to help guide me on how to wash difficult items and tough stains.** You can get the right clean for your clothes by downloading the Specialty Cycles from the for items like activewear, swimwear, sleeping bags and more.**

woman in bedroom with curtains and rattan chair

I love being able to manage my laundry from the Whirlpool® app on my phone. The app will alert me when my laundry is all done, so I can focus on other activities around the home while the washer and dryer are running!

Do you have any secret Spring cleaning tips?! What are the areas in your home that you hit first? Thanks as always for reading and please let me know if you have any questions!

* Model WFW9620H. Based on an 8-lb load of laundry. Actual dispenser capacity varies by model

** WiFi & App required for connected features. Features subject to change. Appliance must be set to Remote Enable for remote control capabilities.  Voice control availability may vary by region. Select stains only. Details and privacy info at whirlpool.com/connect

***Select stains only


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