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Surprise! We've Moved The House of Hood to Arizona!

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Hello friends! Surprise surprise! We've moved our family to the Phoenix area in sunny Arizona! We couldn't be happier to be here are start our new adventure. This has been about a year in the making and I can't believe it's finally here. I was born and raised in Portland Oregon and Ryan is originally from Indiana, so this is a huge move for us. We've been itching for a change and had a few places on our list, and narrowed it down to Arizona. I'll share more details below!

Surprise! We've Moved The House of Hood to Arizona!

We've Moved to Arizona!

It was a really hard decision to move away from friends and family. A lot of our close friends have already left the Portland area, and it's been on our heart to find a new place to raise our girls. Luckily, Portland is a quick flight back when we want to visit. We'll also have a guest bedroom in our new house (more on that below) when our family and friends want to visit!

Surprise! We've Moved The House of Hood to Arizona!

After visiting in May, I knew Arizona would make such a great place to raise the girls. Specifically in the neighborhood we chose to build in. The schools are also amazing and we had a lot of option to choose from since you aren't required to attend the school in your neighborhood.

Surprise! We've Moved The House of Hood to Arizona!

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Our New AZ Home

I can't believe we are building another house after it feels like we just finished our Oregon home! After visiting Arizona with Ryan in June, we fell in love with one of the model homes and they had an oversized corner lot available that fit our timing perfectly. We went for it! Our house went up for sale in this really tough market, and we finally got an offer in September.

Surprise! We've Moved The House of Hood to Arizona!

I was able to choose all the finishes for our new home and I couldn't be more obsessed with how it's all come together. Dare I say, I actually am liking it more than our Oregon house?!? It doesn't have a fireplace (apparently they aren't a standard thing here in AZ, go figure!) but I may decide to add one later.

Our kitchen will be larger with a HUGE pantry that I cannot wait to organize. Each girl will have their own bathroom and walk-in closet with lots of storage. Our new home is also a single story which we're super excited about! Our bedroom will be on the opposite side from the girls which will be great too. They also have a 'teen' room that I can't wait for.

I can't wait to share a home tour once we get settled. We have a few projects on the list with the first one being a pool!

Surprise! We've Moved The House of Hood to Arizona!

To New Beginnings

Thank you all for following a long in our journey and I can't wait to take you on this new adventure in Arizona! I'd love to hear your favorite Arizona favorites in the comments! Thanks as always for reading.

Surprise! We've Moved The House of Hood to Arizona!
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