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5 Simple Self Care Tips for a Stress Free Morning

This post is sponsored by Nature's Way Alive! Multivitamins, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! 

Mornings with toddlers can be really stressful.  There are tantrums over outfits.  Making a fun breakfast only to have it thrown on the floor.  Trying to look halfway human at preschool drop off.  I could go on!  I typically do a terrible job adapting to new habits.  Recently, I've been trying really hard to make our mornings just a little more stress free and it starts with myself.  Self-care seems to be the buzz word these days, and for good reason.  Taking care of yourself first helps you take care of those around you.  I'm sure you're aware of the phrase "put your oxygen mask on before assisting others."  Now that two little ones depend on me, I have found that these 5 simple self care tips for a stress free morning really help the mood of our whole house.

Simple Self Care Tips for a Stress Free Morning

Simple Self Care Tips for a Stress Free Morning

Tip One - Wake Up Before Your Family

This one is really (like, really) hard for me.  I LOVE my sleep.  I could never beat Ryan when waking up.  He is always up before me.  The days I magically wake up before the girls are always SO much better.  I have some time to drink my coffee and relax just a little before the chaos ensues.  This is something I constantly struggle with, but I know that if I can wake up even just 30 minutes before them the day will be better.  The trick is to go to bed earlier, which is hard for me!  I usually work till 11, so I've been trying to push that back a bit. Trust me, just try it and your morning will be just a bit better.  To save some time in the morning, I also try to pick out the girls' outfits and pack their bags for school.  This helps tremendously, except for when McKinlee completely changes her mind on her outfit choice.

Simple Self Care Tips for a Stress Free Morning

Tip Two - Nutrients

Something I've always struggled with is making sure to get in all the necessary vitamins and minerals into my diet.  I tend to eat healthy in the morning, and then things go downhill after 4PM.  My favorite breakfast is a protein packed smoothie with tons of greens and some berries.  This at least helps get my day off on a nutritious foot even if it doesn't end on one.  Ryan and I have been incorporating Nature's Way Alive! Multivitamins into our morning routine as well.  So far, I've really been loving them and they help us own the morning!  If I don't do anything else good for me all day, at least I know I got in my daily recommendation of vitamins and minerals with Alive! Multivitamins.  We especially love the Premium Gummies.  Taking our vitamins in the morning at around the same time creates a habit so we don't forget as the day goes on.  You can use code 15ALIVE1 for 15% off here!

Simple Self Care Tips for a Stress Free Morning

Simple Self Care Tips for a Stress Free Morning

Tip Three - Water

Drink a HUGE glass of water.  I used to be the queen of exceeding my daily water intake goal, and now that I'm not working a traditional desk job I've found that it's a lot more difficult to get in my water.  I've found that if I chug a ton of water in the morning, it really helps me meet my goal.  Something else I love to do with my first glass of water is to add some himalayan salt and lemon.  I take the girls to school and pick them up three days a week, so this ends up being a total of 1 hour spent in the car driving.  I always pack my huge water bottle for both trips, and if I can finish both on the drive then my water goal is in!

Tip Four - Skip the Electronics

Don't touch your phone for at least 30 minutes after you wake up (or even longer!).  This is another really tough one for me since my business is all done on my phone.  I used to barely have my eyes open, and I'd open my phone to check Instagram, email, etc.  How terrible!  I'm starting slow, and not touching my phone for 30 minutes.  This is a huge stressor for me, so even taking this time without it really seems to help with stress levels.  We are on such overload these days, having some "alone" time in the morning with no technology is so nice.

Tip Five - Move!

Move your body!  This doesn't have to be a 60 minute bootcamp class, but just do something.  If you can get outside the house for a quick walk with your dog, great!  If moving only means doing 5 minutes of stretching, that works.  I have a really bad lower back, and I find that stretching in the morning really helps me loosen up.  I also have a love/hate relationship with my foam roller.  Ryan is a super early morning workout person and I am not and never will be.  Trust me, I tried and it makes me grumpy for the rest of the day (totally opposite than most!).  I so wish I could get my workout in at 5am, but I'll settle for the middle of the day!

Simple Self Care Tips for a Stress Free Morning

What are your go to self care tips?  I'd love to hear about them!  Have you tried Nature's Way Alive! Gummy Vitamins?  They taste great and I love knowing I'm doing something good for myself each morning.  Thank you so much for reading!


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