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My Favorite Podcasts for Mom Bosses

I have had this post on my to do list for the last five months.  I'm so excited to share my favorite podcasts with you!  The title of my post is my favorite podcasts for mom bosses, but these are honestly great for anyone.   Whether you're a mom, own your own business , or are a health nut.  Or, you don't need to be any of those things!  The thing I love about podcasts, is there is so much knowledge and information right at your fingertips and it's FREE!  I can't believe how much I've learned in the last year or so since I've started listening.  If you've been living under a rock and haven't started listening to podcasts, what are you waiting for?!?

Favorite Podcasts for Mom Bosses

I pulled up next to one of my besties in line at pre-school pick up, and I was listening to a podcast in my car.  As I rolled my window down, she asked "are you listening to a podcast"?  She then told me she'd never listened to one before!  I knew I needed to get this post out there, even if it's just for her.  There are a lot of ways you can listen to podcasts, but I just use the podcast app on my iPhone.  I have Apple Car Play in my car, so I just plug my phone in and everything is right there on my screen.  You can also play it through blue tooth in your car.  I mention listening in my car, because that is really the only time I'm able to listen to them.  If I actually make it to the gym, I'll try to get in an episode while I workout.

My Favorite Podcasts

Don't listen to this one with kids in the car!  This husband and wife duo two don't hold anything back.  They interview a ton of different experts on various subjects, and they also share their favorite tips and tricks from beauty must haves to their favorite workouts.  I've gotten so many great products that I use and love from their tips.  I can't miss an episode!

I started listening to Julie Solomon a little over a year ago, and I binge listened because her advice was just that good.  If you are interested in the social media "influencer" or blogging world, I'd definitely start here!

If you have a business or blog, you should absolutely check out Kate's podcast.  She runs a Pinterest management company (based in Portland!) and she spills all her secrets to DIY your Pinterest management (if you are a listener already, can you tell I have listened to the intro a million times?!).  I receive around 75% of my blog visits via Pinterest, and I have to hand it to Kate's amazing advice!

The most inspiring Podcast!!  If you are feeling uninspired, check this one out.  Guy Roz from NPR interviews innovators, idealists, and entrepreneurs to find out exactly how they built their empire.  Some of my favorites are Sarah Blakey of Spanx, Brian Scudamore from 1800 Got Junk, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger of Instagram, and Steve Ells of Chipotle to name just a few.

Taylor Bradford breaks blogging and entrepreneurship down to the basics.  She has been in the business for a long time and has great advice.  Taylor is also an SEO guru and has some awesome tips.

Oprah.  Do I need to say anything else?  She interviews a variety of subjects from thought leaders to health and wellness experts in all her Oprah glory.

The title pretty much tells it all!  Anything and everything you can think of, broken down step by step.  I've seriously learned so much from this one.

Jenna Kutcher gives amazing business and life advice, how she stays sane, and how to tackle big dreams.  Another inspiring listen!

I love Chalene Johnson and the way she tells it like it is.  I first discovered Chalene from her Turbo Kickboxing videos!  Chalene gives a ton of great health and wellness advice and also interviews industry experts.  Her show isn't just about those topics, but also a variety of topics such as parenting, relationships, and how to declutter (just to name a few).  I also love her and her son's podcast, Build Your Tribe.

This podcast is a parenting podcast about raising tiny humans and being raised by them.  You don't need to be a parent to listen to this one.

Hosted by Kaitlyn Bristowe from the Bachelorette, this one is a guilty pleasure listen for me.  Kaitlyn is hilarious, so get ready to laugh.

Ok, there you have it!  I have a lot more on my list, but there are only so many hours in the day.  Hopefully you found at least one new Podcast to add to your library!


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