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How to Keep the Wrinkles in Frank & Eileen Shirts

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Keep those wrinkles in your Frank & Eileen shirts with these tips!

Main image courtesy of Frank & Eileen.

If you’re someone who loves to be comfortable, but also doesn’t want to sacrifice style, one designer you should know more about is Frank & Eileen. The name refers to founder Audrey McLoghlin’s Irish grandparents, who inspired her quest to create the perfect button down shirt for women. With hard work and a commitment to using only the finest fabrics and sustainable methods, the now-famous Frank & Eileen button down shirt was created. 

Since 2009, they have expanded into other items such as pants, dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, and sweaters, but their bread and butter is still in the soft and perfectly wrinkled button down shirt. 

The wrinkles are a part of the laid back California-inspired style that make this brand so popular among celebrities and regular folks alike. But what’s the best way to keep those wrinkles in Frank & Eileen shirts?

In today’s article, we’re going to delve deeper into:

  • Where you can snag some perfectly wrinkled Frank & Eileen shirts
  • How to keep the wrinkles in your favorite Frank & Eileen shirts
  • Ways to wash your shirts
  • Our top Frank & Eileen wrinkled shirts you need to pick up this season

Where is Frank & Eileen clothing sold?

Check out these places when you need to add Frank & Eileen shirts to your wardrobe


If you’re ready to support a woman-owned company that uses high quality materials, creates products in an ethical and sustainable way, and consistently gives back to the community, you can’t do better than Frank & Eileen. Check out their website for all kinds of fantastic products (including their popular button downs) but also comfortably stylish pants, sweatshirts, jumpsuits, jackets, and more. You can easily shop their new arrivals, or by collection such as their Linen Collection, Best Sellers, Essentials, and the Vacation Shop. 

The price tag of Frank & Eileen items can be steep, but that is due to the fact that the materials they use are all ethically and sustainably obtained, and the people that make their clothes are experienced creators who follow processes that are good for the earth. That being said, they do offer a sale section on their site for previous seasons’ items, so make sure you check that out if you want to get their clothes at a discount.

Another great place that has an amazing selection of Frank & Eileen shirts (as well as other items!) is Shopbop. Whether you’re looking for their classic, wrinkled button down, or you want a knit dress or a vintage tee, Shopbop has a large inventory of this designer’s apparel. If you don’t see something in your size, just make sure you’re checking back often, as they’re always getting in new products.

You can find Frank & Eileen at department stores like Nordstroms and Nordstroms Rack, as well as at a variety of small boutiques across the country. You can check and see if there’s a stockist near you with their online store locator.

Another great way to find Frank & Eileen items is through resale sites, like Poshmark, eBay, and ThredUp. Here you’ll find gently used items at a discounted price. 

How do you keep the wrinkles in Frank & Eileen shirts?

Keep those stylish wrinkles in your Frank & Eileen shirts with these tips!

The wrinkles in these shirts just get better with age. Image courtesy of Frank & Eileen.

You’ve finally gotten your hands on a luxe Frank & Eileen wrinkled button down shirt. Congrats! But you might be wondering if there’s anything special you need to do in order to keep those wrinkles in your new favorite shirt. We’re going to discuss that here!

Cotton shirts

Everyone seems to love the look and feel of the signature crinkles of Frank & Eileen’s cotton shirts. In order to keep those wrinkles looking like the day you purchased it, make sure you do not dry clean, iron, or press your signature crinkle shirts. Each of these shirts is made and then crinkled by hand, so no two shirts are exactly alike. You can just machine wash and allow it to hang dry.

Tip: if your shirt is made from the Superluxe or Superfine cotton, Frank & Eileen suggests you give your shirts a quick press after washing and drying to really bring out the luster of this fabric. 

Denim shirts

Denim shirts don’t require you to do anything special to keep those wrinkles either. Just machine wash them and allow them to air dry. The wrinkles of your shirt are all one of a kind, and will only get better with age and as you wear the shirt.

Linen shirts

If you’ve purchased one of the linen shirts, you’re going to love the soft feel of the preshrunk, more tumbled nature of this fabric. The Italian Performance Linen looks best with a quick press, while the Classic Linen and Lived In Linen can do with just a wash and an air dry. No need to work to get those crinkles to stay! 

Frank & Eileen shirts: how to wash

Most of the Frank & Eileen products are super easy to take care of. That’s how they all seem to be effortlessly stylish—because they require little maintenance! Always review your specific product’s information, but the majority of the items they offer can be machine washed on cold and then left to air dry. 

Did you know their products are also extremely travel-friendly? That’s right, no more ironing once you unpack from your suitcase. You can throw these shirts (and pants!) into your luggage and when you pull them out upon arrival, they look just as good as they did hanging in your closet.

Our top Frank & Eileen shirts right now

Check out some of these popular Frank & Eileen shirts—wrinkles included!

The classic look of denim, with some lived-in wrinkles. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

If you love the low maintenance cool of denim, then Frank & Eileen denim shirts are just what your wardrobe needs. This Barry Button Down in faded distressed vintage wash denim is perfect for all kinds of occasions. It’s made from light-weight denim that is prewashed and faded, which means it not only looks good, but it feels so soft on your skin as well. You’ll love the classic button up style, with long sleeves, button cuffs, and a breast pocket. This vintage style has a distressed and curved hem that looks great tucked in or flowing freely untucked.

You can easily pair this shirt with your favorite pair of pants or even a skirt in bold colors or patterns. This shirt is also the perfect light-weight final layer over a tee shirt or a cami. Feeling bold? Consider pairing this distressed denim shirt with your favorite pair of jeans for a denim on denim look that is very popular. 

Head over to Shopbop and snag this denim shirt!

Rock the denim sleeveless shirt when the weather is warm! Image courtesy of Frank & Eileen.

Looking for a different kind of Frank & Eileen denim shirt? Then you’ve got to add the Fiona Sleeveless Button Up Shirt to your collection. This shirt is perfect for the warmer months when you just don’t want to be bothered by sleeves to roll up. With signature wrinkles, a flattering button up design, and relaxed fit, the raw and untreated denim on this product looks casual, but still put together. Feel free to wear this on its own, or under your favorite sweater for a look perfect for meeting for lunch or running your daily errands. 

As with all their denim shirts, the more you wash and wear these shirts, the more unique they become!

The Frank & Eileen tee lab shirt

This easy breezy tee is sure to go with anything. Image courtesy of Christina’s Luxuries.

If you’d like a different type of shirt made from luxe jersey material that’s just perfect for layering, consider the Base Layer Funnel Neck from the tee lab. The Supima yarn in this garment is the perfect mix of light-weight feel for a base layer that can also be worn on its own. You can easily put this tee under a Frank & Eileen button up, a sweater, or even a dress for a little extra warmth or more coverage. This shirt does not come with the signature wrinkled look, however, it is definitely worth investing in as something that can go with almost anything you already have in your wardrobe.

The one and only classic Barry Button Down in white. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

The classic Barry Button Down in white is definitely something that belongs in every woman’s closet! This shirt goes with everything, and is the perfect weight to be worn all alone, as a light top layer, or underneath a sweater or vest. Made with crinkled poplin, it features the wonderful wrinkles, a breast pocket, button cuffs, and a curved hem. Pair with denim for a casual look, or dress it up and tuck it into your favorite pencil skirt or slacks.

Snag this now at Shopbop!

Frank & Eileen’s wrinkled shirts are some of the most comfortable and versatile around, so make sure you get one in your wardrobe ASAP!

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