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Kids Halloween Pajamas - A Roundup!

I recently picked up some cute pumpkin jams for the girls.  When I went to link them here, they were already sold out!  In August!  So, I knew I needed to round up our favorite kids Halloween pajamas for you stat!  I think this might be the last year I can twin the girls since McKinlee is starting to grow out of the 5T sizes.  Cue the tears!  Anyways, here are our fave jams!

Kids Halloween Pajamas

I wanted to update our kids Halloween pajamas post for 2020! These links are all current. Click any photo below to shop!

Kids Halloween Pajamas

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve

Some of these kids Halloween pajamas could be gender neutral (like number nine and seven).  We start pulling out the Halloween pajamas in September, so we end up getting a lot of use out of them!  Check out these photos of the girls in their Halloween pajamas from last year!

I wanted to add this cute pair here since they just released their Halloween jams for the year!

Halloween Pajamas

Kids Halloween Pajamas

pink couch / skeleton / unicorn hat / banners and felt woolie ball garland 

Kids Halloween Pajamas

jams - finally found them in stock! 

Kids Halloween Pajamas

Kids Halloween Pajamas

Make sure to check out our Halloween outfit post from last year here!  Are you ready to start thinking about Halloween?  I am starting to decide whether or not I want to take my holiday decor out yet!  I swear Summer just started.  A few pumpkin towels did come home with me today from Marshall's, so I might as well put them out!  We are getting excited about pumpkin patch hopping and seeing as many as we can.  We went to 6 last year, so we have a big number to beat!  Thanks as always for reading!

Click any photo below to shop!

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Kids halloween pajamas

halloween pajamas for kids

2 comments on “Kids Halloween Pajamas - A Roundup!”

  1. love their pjs, i had #12 in my cart, those are so cute! i'm also mourning my son having to move into little boy sizing instead of toddler sizing =( !!!

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