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Madison Jean - 9 Months Old!

I cannot believe I am writing Madison's 9 month update.  What in the world?!  Time, you need to slow your roll.  So many fun updates for our sweet baby girl this month!

This month, Madi has been crawling allllll over the place including to the stairs.  She pulls her self up pretty much anywhere.  She pulled her self up to the first stair on our stair case and then promptly fell backwards on her head.  Oh man did she ever wail from that fall!  Madi is really into her toys.  She loves her stand and push musical toy by Fischer Price and McKinlee's little people princess castle.  She also loves to attend tea parties with her big sis.  Madi weighs in at 19 lbs 10 oz and is 28 inches tall!  73rd for weight and 81st for height.

Madison is really into her food.  She will literally eat anything you put in front of her.  We have been doing a lot more solids this month like cheese, turkey, blueberries, banana and Kodiak Cakes.  It is really nice for a change to have someone not refuse food!

Sister is still sleeping amazzzzing (thank you Lord!).  We put her down to sleep in her crib at 7:30PM and she doesn't wake up till 7:30 or 8AM.  I usually have to wake her up by 8 to get our day started.  We are all done with our DockATot as she rolls over and wants to move around at night!  Madi has a bottle at 8AM, then breakfast around 8:30 or 9.  Then she has another bottle before her morning nap at 10:30.  I wake her up at 1, then we do lunch.  Then, at 4 she goes down for her 2nd nap until 5PM.  #NAPJAIL.  We try to get out and do something in the morning like go for a run/walk, go to the park (when there isn't rain), or run errands.  Luckily (or not luckily) McKinlee no longer really naps, so we can get out in the afternoon.  Sometimes her last nap will be a car nap.

Madison has started to get upset when McKinlee takes things from her or pushes her aside.  She used to be super laid back and would just move on to the next toy, but lately she will cry.  This month, Madi said MAMA and DADA and she clapped for the first time on my Birthday!  We also rode the street car for the first time downtown and Madison had her first Salt and Straw ice cream.  We went to Hood River for the first time as a family this month too!  We are hoping for a little less rain in the forecast so we can get out and about a lot more.

I think that's all for now.  This post took me about 45 minutes to write because I've had to stop little sis from getting into 12,000,000 things!  And now for the pictures:

Stroller System

Diaper Bag

How fun is this wall?!



Family trip to Hood River / Purple Velvet Bows


Happy girl on St. Patricks day! / Bow



Eating fries (best mom ever!)

This picture was taken at 36 weeks pregnant and the photo on the right is of Madison at 36 weeks old!

Flower shopping

Bow (they are taking two weeks off but will be back soon!)

Such a happy girl! / Crib Sheet


Madis 1st Ice Cream (she does not have time to take a photo!) / Cherry Bows








Phew!  You made it!


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