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Our Favorite Bows

I have been wanting to write this post for a long time now!  We are certified bow hoarders.  Ryan asked me last night how many bows we have and he guessed 75.  Sorry honey, think way more than that.  I wanted to share some of our favorite bow shops with you as well as show you how we store our bows.  Please let me know if you have questions!

I'm going to link to their shops going clockwise and down each row from top left

Red and black Minnie ears {Gold and Arrows}/ flower crowns {Lulebloom}/ coral floral bow and all red bows  {Yasmi and Crew} / tiny flamingo bow {Sassy Bow Co}/ cherry bow and blue flower bow {The Darling Bow Co}/ pineapple bow {Emmys Pretties} / felt flower bows {Fancy Free Finery}/ watermelon head band {Sassy Bow Co}/ pink sparkle bow {The Tiny Bow Shop} / watermelon and flamingo bow  {Sassy Bow Co}/ pink velvet bow {The Tiny Bow Shop}/ pink stripe bow   {Zozu Baby} / blue flamingo bow  {The Darling Bow Co}/ pink Minnie ears {Shelby Chic Boutique}

Picture ledges are from Ikea 

I purchased mini clothespins from Amazon and strung them on a pom pom line that I got at Target


Both flower crowns are by Lulebloom



Mint ribbon bow above is from A Little Lady Shop which offers a super fun bow subscription service!

Hopefully this was helpful and you are able to find some great bows for your little ladies!  What are your favorite bow shops?


2 comments on “Our Favorite Bows”

  1. Love the way you organized all the bow and displayed our red mouse ears
    ! Definitely doing this in my little ones room ❤️

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