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Selling Your Pre-Loved Kids Clothing with Kidizen

This post about selling your pre-loved kids clothing with Kidizen was sponsored by Kidizen. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

We have been using the Kidizen App for about nine months and I don't know how we ever lived without it! You might remember the review we wrote here, mainly about the purchasing process. For those that haven't heard of Kidizen, it is a mobile marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved kids items that you no longer need for your little ones.

You can even sell things like diaper bags, baby carriers, baby essentials, and now mama clothing! I wanted to share about selling your pre-loved kids clothing with Kidizen in this post. I've done a fair amount of selling with Kidizen, and it is extremely easy and user friendly.  Make sure to read to end for a generous promo code that Kidizen has provided for my readers!

Selling Your Pre-Loved Kids Clothing with Kidizen

We have SO many clothes for the girls, it is kind of out of control.  I'm an only child, so my mom goes overboard in buying clothes/shoes/accessories for the girls because they're her only grandchildren!  I also love buying for the girls, so their closets are overflowing.  We absolutely donate quite a bit of their clothing, but it is nice to know that you can make some great money back through reselling on Kidizen.

Sister's in their matching pink tulle dresses at a golden hour outdoor photo shoot.

these dresses were perfect contenders for a sale as they were only worn once or twice for photos and they were in perfect condition and name brand

How the Selling Process Works

Selling on Kidizen is so incredibly easy and I can get a listing up in less than a minute!  Here is a quick breakdown of my selling process in the app (available on iOS and Android):

  • I typically take my photos ahead of time so that they are all on a consistent background and edited a bit, but the app gives you the option of taking a photo right then and there when you're creating your listing
  • Create an eye catching title using relevant keywords (super important!)
  • Select the category, gender, size, brand
  • Select the condition.  You'll want to be truthful here if there are stains/tears/extra wear
  • Add your description.  You'll want to use relevant keywords here as well.  List any imperfections and where they are located.  Add in measurements.  Think of any questions a potential buyer might have and try to answer those in your description.  List how it has been washed, (eg; washed only on cold and laid flat or hung to dry).
  • Add hashtags.  I will typically add these into the comments.  You can hashtag the brand name, the season, the style, etc.
  • Select shipping
  • Finally, select your price.  I try to price things to sell but so that I also receive a profit

Selling gently used kids clothing with the Kidizen app.

setting up one of my listings 

Kidizen isn't an app where potential buyers bid on your items.  You price them at what you want to sell them for.  Buyers can message you with questions if they have any, but I make sure my item descriptions are detailed so that there aren't any questions to ask!  Once you ship the item out, funds should show in Kidizen within a few days.  You can choose to either use the money to purchase on Kidizen, or cash out to Paypal.

How to Choose What to Sell and When

I've found that the key to success on Kidizen is choosing items that are either boutique style or brand name.  Items should always be in great shape with minimal wear.  You can of course sell items that have more wear, but you'll want to make sure to note any spots or tears (especially in the photo).

The other tip to quick sell through is choosing to sell seasonally appropriate items at the right time.  For me, I will save my summer items and post them for sale the following spring.  I will save my Christmas themed clothing and put them up for sale the following October.  Post fall items in July or August for back to school season.

My background is in the retail world, so I am always living a season ahead!  I've read others tips and they say to post everything no matter the season because you could always have a potential buyer.  I've just had more success posting at seasonally appropriate times.

Baby girl in a vintage sailor dress.

this dress is a vintage dress that I'm sure would sell really well on Kidizen.  People love vintage!  however, it was mine when I was a baby so I definitely have to keep it! 

Taking Eye Catching Photos

hand holding cell phone taking photo of dress to sell on the Kidizen app

my neutral background is my Ikea dresser 

hand holding cell phone taking photo of dress to sell on the Kidizen app

photo of the clothing label highlighted against a neutral background - a pink rug! 

One of the best tips on making sure your listings get viewed is taking great photos.  The number one photography tip is to take photos in natural light!  This will show off the true color of the item.  It's a huge bummer when you get something in the mail and it isn't the color you were expecting.  We have a lot of dreary/rainy weather here in Portland, so I actually purchased these photography lights and they have made a world of difference in not having to plan photos on when/if the sun comes out!

Photos should be taken on a neutral backdrop.  We have the Ikea Hemnes dresser in white, and I most always take photos with the item hanging on a hanger on one of the dresser pulls.  I've also seen listings photographed on the same neutral rug or wood flooring and those also look great.

You can purchase inexpensive flooring samples if you don't have the thick wood floor boards.  Whatever neutral backdrop you can come up with would work great!  I also take all my listing photos with my iPhone.  It should be simple for you to take your photos and post to the Kidizen app, and using your dslr camera would unnecessarily complicate things in my opinion.

If you need to edit, you can quickly do so on your phone.  I use Lightroom to edit all photos on my phone.  I posted my quick photo editing process here.  Easy peasy!  You should also photograph any flaws up close, so buyers know exactly what they are getting.

hand holding cell phone taking photo of dress to sell on the Kidizen app

I currently have this Alice + Ames dress listed on my page

hand holding cell phone taking photo of dress to sell on the Kidizen app

there are some stains on this dress so I took some close ups to make sure potential buyers know what they are getting 

hand holding cell phone taking photo of dress to sell on the Kidizen app

Pricing Your Items to Sell

hand holding apple phone with kidizen app on screen

One of the hardest things I've found is pricing your items to move!  You don't want to price things too high and have them sit there forever, and you don't want them to be priced too low so that when you sell, it quickly leaves you wondering if you priced it too low.  Think about what you paid for it and how much use you got out of it.

Also, try to put yourself in the potential buyers shoes and decide how much you would pay for the same item.  Make sure to factor in the shipping cost and the percentage that Kidizen keeps when determining your price.  A new feature on Kidizen is the app suggests a price for you based on your description compared to other similar listings.  I love that!

 Tips for a Smooth Selling Process

I would recommend shipping out items as quickly as possible.  Also, make sure to update listings if you've gotten rid of the item or given it to a friend.  I forgot to take a listing down that I had sold to a friend, and someone purchased the item!  It was such a bummer to have to go to the buyer to let them know the item wasn't available.

Another tip is to set aside items you've listed in an accessible tote.  I've listed items that haven't sold right away and packed them away with the rest of our clothes.  Once the item eventually sold, I had to go digging through all our boxes to find it.  Such a pain!

Sisters in their yellow plum nyc tutus in a sunflower field.

these plum tutu's have a huge following and I was able to quickly sell Madi's after she outgrew it

Packing and Shipping

Packing materials to ship off items we sold through the Kidizen app.

Kidizen provides you with a shipping label for purchase right on the app.  This is the method I always choose so I don't have to worry about going to the post office to purchase a label, or need to guess how much shipping is going to be.  Kidizen also offers a really low price on their labels and two day shipping (which in turn gets you paid faster!).

I also try to personalize my packaging with pretty tissue paper and a quick thank you.  To be the most cost effective, I will save packaging from other purchases I've made and reuse them.  You can also purchase packing envelopes inexpensively at Target.

Brands I Love to Shop on Kidizen

I have found some of my favorite brands for such a steal on Kidizen!  One of my favorite purchases were an Alice & Ames dress, a June and January dress, a brand new Old Navy denim vest, and brand new Freshly Picked moccasins.  Guess what?  I was able to turn around and resell them once the girls outgrew them because we kept them in perfect condition!

Kidizen carries Mini Melissa, Hunter, Remi Girl, Baby Gap, etc.  Basically all our favorite brands!  You can also shop by hashtag, holiday, style (Instabrand, Organic, Classic, Vintage, etc.) or by flash sales like Valentines flash sales or Hearts flash sales.  One of my favorite brands to sell on Kidizen is Alice & Ames.  They have a cult like following and their dresses run around $40, but their quality is like none other.

As long as I keep the dresses in great condition, I can sell them for the same price I paid!  The way I justify the cost is by telling myself I am basically renting them since I can turn around and sell them on Kidizen (or at least that's what I tell my husband!).  They are the best twirl dresses and make for great photos!

Discount Code

I hope you found some great tips you can use while selling your pre-loved kids clothing on Kidizen.  I truly love using this app and have made money on our gently used children's items.  Kidizen was nice enough to provide a code for The House of Hood Blog readers!  Use code bxr2v for $5 off your first purchase on Kidizen of $10 or more!  You will need to enter the code when registering in the referral code section.  Let me know if you have questions!

Thank you so much for reading!  Let me know if you try out the app and what you think!

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Selling Your Pre-Loved kids Clothing with Kidizen

cell phone with Kidizen app showing

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  1. I love that there's an app that's dedicated go selling gently used kids things. Thank you for the coupon code. I'll be checking out this app

  2. I havent heard of this place before. I will have to check out this place for my little people. I don't have many items to sell right now but will keep this mind as a future option.

  3. These are great. When we decide we are done and give away all the kids clothes we have I’ll definitely look into using this.

  4. What an awesome app! I have so many baby clothes and a lot of them were only worn once. I’ll have to check this app out!

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