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7 Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling

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Travel season is upon us and we have a few fun trips planned this Spring!  First up is Palm Springs, followed by Disneyland! To say we’re excited to get away is an understatement. For some, traveling can leave you uneasy not knowing if your home will be safe. Luckily, we’ve done a good job at securing our home with security cameras, so I feel pretty good about leaving. We recently got the Logitech Circle 2 camera for indoor security.  I’m sharing a few simple tips for protecting your home while traveling!

Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling

7 Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling

Thankfully, we are really good friends with several of our neighbors. We let them know when we go out of town so they can keep an eye on our home. My mom also lives a block away from us, so she is super helpful in checking in on our home when we are traveling. We do take a few precautions when we are out of town to make sure our home stays secure, even though there are several eyes on it!
Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling

One - Home Security

I can’t stress this one enough! We LOVE having a home security system and couldn’t live without it. Ryan and I are really loving our Logitech Circle 2 for indoor monitoring. We have the Wired indoor camera and love that it can be moved around when our needs change. The Circle 2 is available in a Wired and Wire-Free version. With the wire-free version, you can pick it up and move it based on your day’s activities. The wired version is also easily movable, too. The Logi Circle app is super easy to use and user-friendly.
Circle 2 offers unlimited 1080p HD streaming, a 180 degree wide-angle lens, and I love that you can two-way talk through it (when I need to tell the girls to stop doing something!). The Circle 2 camera comes with 24-hours of free encrypted cloud storage. You can always upgrade to a Circle Safe™ plan if you need more storage options.  I love the extra layer of security for the inside of our home that the Circle 2 provides. It would also make a really great baby monitor, toddler room monitor, or playroom camera. We also love that it is Homekit compatible.
Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling
Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling
Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling

Two - Hold Your Mail

We get a lot of things delivered to our home, so one thing we do if we're going to be gone for an extended trip is have our mail held. One reason is so that nothing gets stolen off our porch (which has luckily never happened!), and so that it's not a dead giveaway that we aren't home. We also have a fairly small mailbox, so it would end up overflowing if we were gone over a week.

Three - Lay Low on Social Media

I could probably take this tip to heart a little more, but try not to post about your travels until you're home. For us, we feel like our home is left very secure, so I'm not as worried about it. But if you don't have a home security system, I would save your posts and photos until after you've arrived back home safe and sound.

Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling

We have our Logitech Circle 2 set up in our dining room 

Four - Light Timers

We have timers installed on all our outdoor lights, so they automatically come on when it's dusk. I'd highly recommend doing this because a dark home is an obvious target. It's also super obvious that you're gone if you leave your porch lights on 24/7. Our indoor lights are also on timers, which I would recommend doing. If indoor lights are on, then you're more than likely home, right?

Five - Yard Maintenance

We don't have a yard person, so during the Spring/Summer we'd definitely want to have someone stop by to mow our lawn if we were gone for more than a week. If you live in a snowy climate during winter, make sure to schedule someone to shovel your driveway. This will help make it look like you're still home!

Six - Electronics and Thermostat

Unplug large electronics to prevent a power surge, such as your TV, computer, stereo, etc. Make sure to set your thermostat on a timer to conserve energy usage.

Seven - Secure Valuables

Make sure no valuables are left in plain sight so that a potential burglar could see them. It's a great idea to get a safe deposit box to store valuables while you are traveling and in general.

Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling

Simple Tips for Protecting Your Home While Traveling


Do you have any fun vacations planned this year? Do you have a security system and indoor security cameras in place? I'd love to hear! Make sure to check out the Logitech Circle 2 camera and let me know what you think!

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  1. I want to improve my security around my house this spring. Thanks for explaining that I will want to think about getting indoor monitoring. Also, it does seem like I should get an indoor camera system as well.

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