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Unique and Useful Gifts for Father's Day

Unique and Useful Gifts for Father's Day

Father's day is just around the corner (wait, weren't we just celebrating Mother's Day?!). I don't know about you, but I feel like guys are really tough to buy for. Buying for girls is easy because I usually just find something I'd love for myself! Ryan is really easy going and would love anything we get for him.  I've put together a list of unique and useful gifts for Father's Day that doesn't include socks or ties. Check out my last men's gift guide from the holidays here. There are some goodies listed there too that would be perfect to gift for Father's Day.

Unique and Useful Gifts for Father's Day

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For Father's Day this year, Ryan will be getting a weekend in wine country thanks to my mom! She'll be watching the girls for us and we are so excited to stay at the Atticus Hotel in McMinville. If a weekend away isn't an option for you, I have a lot of other great ideas above.

Another fun gift idea for dad is a whiskey subscription. He LOVES Flaviar and it can be customized to his preferences with different types of alcohol, frequency, etc.

More Unique Gifts for Dad

Above, I've shared some of my favorite gifts that I've either given Ryan myself, he really needs, or he uses on a daily basis.  Here's why:

One - Blue Tooth Meat Thermometer.  I gave this to Ryan a couple of years ago and we have consistently used it weekly.  It works on the BBQ and for meat in the oven.  It connects to your phone to alert you when your meat is the correct/perfect temperature.  So worth the money!

Two - Nike dri FIT workout tee.  Ryan wears these to workout in and he loves them.  They are super comfy and soft and wick away sweat.

Three - Tasty cookbook.  Ryan loves to cook and we also love quick and uncomplicated meals.  I always get sucked into Tasty videos and this cookbook looks really fun!

Four - Basil Haydens Whiskey.  Ryan loves an Old Fashioned and this is his go to whiskey.  I'm not a whiskey girl, but he says its a great price for the quality.

Five - Dad Joke Book.  This just looks funny and it would be a good addition to any of these gifts!

Six - Chanel Platinum Egoiste.  Ahhhh, this is my favorite cologne ever ever ever.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy this for your guy.

Seven - Hopsy!  You'll win major cool points for delivering beer to your guy every month.  Nuff said.

Eight - RVCA button up.  Ryan always pretty much wears polos or long sleeve button ups to work, so it's nice to have a short sleeve button up for the weekend.  This one is casual but totally put together at the same time.

Nine - Hydroflask.  Ryan is a big water drinker and this one keeps everything super cold.  We love these!

Ten - Nikes.  These are the casual shoes Ryan wears when he's not at work or working out and it's always nice to get him a fresh pair.

Eleven - Nordstrom dress shirts.  We love these and I love them because they are no iron (and they really don't wrinkle!) and let's be honest, I don't iron.  Ryan is also tall, and these are really long!

Twelve - Herschel luggage.  Ryan is still using my Vera Bradley suitcase and this one is nice and not too expensive.

Thirteen - Corksicle Whiskey Wedge.  This is such a fun gift for a guy that loves sipping whiskey.  I have a Corksicle wine glass and I'm obsessed.  It keeps my wine super cold on our long walks at night.

Fourteen - The SUB draft device from Hopsy.  This lets you have your beer from Hopsy on draft!

Fifteen - Grill baskets.  We love these for grilling veggies or kebobs.

Father's Day Gift Guide

Ryan and his girls! 

Father's Day Gift Guide

What are your plans for Father's Day? Father's Day always falls right around Ryan's birthday and our anniversary so he get's pretty spoiled in June!

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Hopefully this post gave you some great ideas for Father's Day gifts! Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving them in the comments below or you can DM me on Instagram!


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Father's Day Gift Guide



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