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Daily Schedule Printable for Little Kids

We're on our second week of quarantine and I wanted to see how you guys were holding up?! Our first week was a bit of a trial run, and this week has gotten off to a rough start. Having two little girls at home with us 24/7 is not for the faint of heart. I'm trying my best to keep them busy and engaged, but it's tough! I've tried to create a rough outline of our week and things to look forward to, but the girls miss school. They also miss seeing their friends. I have decided we need to put a stricter schedule in place. Since I put this together for myself, I figured I'd share this daily schedule printable for little kids with you too!

Daily Schedule Printable for Little Kids

With two girls in pre-school, we don't focus a TON on education. Their attention span is short, so we try our best to do about 1.5 hours of actual "school work" per day. Some days, it just doesn't happen and I try not to stress out about it. I'm looking at this time as a bit of a gift. It's allowing us to slow down a bit, spend time with each other. Time that we otherwise wouldn't necessarily have.

Daily Schedule Printable for Little Kids

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McKinlee is starting Kindergarten next year (she will be just about a year older than her classmates since she missed the cutoff). I have been dreading it because I love having her around most of the day. Well, now I guess I got my wish!

Daily Schedule Printable for Little Kids

click here to download the girl version 

The girls need a routine, and I put this together for us. This might night work for everyone, but we are going to implement it into our days. The boxes on the right side will be for you to fill in with whatever you want. Maybe the main focus for that time of the day. For example, morning could be chore work and the afternoon could be school work or getting outside. Whatever works for you!

Daily Schedule Printable for Little Kids

click here to download the boy version

During our morning routine, I will be adding in things like brush teeth, get dressed, pick up room, make bed, etc. For the afternoon, I'll add in our school time, crafts, drawing, quiet time, etc. For evening, I'll add in things like picking up toys, bath time, help with dinner, evening chores, etc. Just some ideas for you but do whatever works for your family! I left the spaces blank so you can change them up weekly or monthly.

Free Printables

I created these in a girl version and boy version. Simply click here for the girl version or click here for the boy version. Save as a PDF and print! I will be laminating these and using a dry erase marker to add to these each week.

Hopefully that helps you get organized with your daily schedule! I have a feeling we'll be stuck at home for a while, so might as well get into a good routine now. Make sure to check out our other resources for activities for your kids. I put together this scavenger hunt for kids and this round up of free online learning tools. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Daily Schedule Printable for Little Kids


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