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Free Online Learning Tools for Little Kids

We are day two of pretty much self isolating ourselves due to the Coronavirus. I'm already starting to feel a little stir crazy. The girls were in a really good rhythm with school and activities, and now everything has come to a screeching halt. Even though they're still in pre-school (McKinlee is still in Pre-K since she missed the cut off for Kindergarten), I want to try to do our best to have some learning time while we're stuck at home. I wanted to share several free online learning tools for little kids with you. Ones that we'll be using over the next few weeks (hopefully not longer!).

Free Online Learning Tools for Little KidsWe have tried several of these online learning tools and they are so great for little kids. I just started trying out the Scholastic remote learning tools and they are just so perfect for the girls ages. Everything can be customized from Pre-K to grade 6+.

 Free Online Learning Tools for Little Kids

Free Online Learning Tools for Little Kids

Scholastic - You guys. This one is so great! They are offering free access to their remote learning tools and they have programs suitable for all ages include PreK and Kindergarten. Each day there is a different subject such as rabbits, plants, earth and moon, etc. This is a must do if you have little ones at home with you!

Other Goose - Free for the next 3 weeks! Great for ages 2-7.

Homer - Try it out for free! This is our girls favorite reading app. It is tailored to their interests (princesses, animals, playing outside, etc) which the girls love.

ABC Mouse - I feel like this is the most popular online learning tool and I've heard amazing things about it! You can try it free for 30 days (which I'm hoping is all we'll need - fingers crossed!). If you pass on this link to your school, you can get the program for free. Since posting this, we've been using this tool specifically and absolutely love it! It has great variety and keeps the girls engaged.

Reading Eggs - This is another app/website we've tried and loved. You can get a free 2-week trial and you don't have to enter your credit card.

Kick Start Reading - This is another program the girls LOVE. The videos are 2 minutes each, so it's easy to do just a few a day to make a difference. The app isn't free, however it is inexpensive at just $7 a month or $57 for a lifetime subscription (good idea if you have multiple young children). This is the only pick that isn't free, but I'll keep checking to see if they are offering any free resources! 40% off this week with code SALE2020! 

BrainPOPjr - This website not only shares educational items, but also real life scenarios and how to deal with them. You can request free access if your child's school is closed!

Noggin - This is an online learning resource by Nick Jr. The girls love these characters so it helps them get excited! You can get a free 2 week trial!

Curious World - This is an app for ages 2-7 with Curious George as the main character. There is an offer for a free 7 day trial.

PBS Kids - The girls love this app and it is one I don't feel bad about them using here and there. This one offers shows, games, and puzzles. When I need a break, this is an app I can trust the girls to be on and I don't have to worry about what might pop up.

Free Online Learning Tools for Little Kids

Are there any in this list that you haven't heard of? I tried to narrow it down to our favorites to not overwhelm you! I will try to add to this list when relevant apps/websites roll out free or discounted programs. Stay tuned for more! If you're looking for in home or backyard activities you can do with kids while your stick at home, check out this post for more!

Thank you as always for reading and please let me know if you have any questions!

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Free Online Learning Tools for Little Kids

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