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Hatch Restore Review

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I shared over on my Instagram a few weeks ago about the Hatch Restore. It deserved a more detailed review here because (spoiler alert) we love it so much!

Hatch Restore Review

There is a lot of stress in our world right now and sleep has been a little tough (before we got the Restore!).

With all of the added stress comes restless sleep and difficulty falling asleep. The Hatch Restore has been a game changer in getting us to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep. It has helped us so much and I had to share more details with you here!

Hatch Restore Review

Why You Might Need a Hatch Restore in Your Life

If you're like me, I tend to have great intentions of going to sleep early and then before I know it I'm researching paint colors for an accent wall by midnight. The Hatch Restore helps you wind down at night, which is something I desperately need. Here are some reasons why a Hatch Restore might be good for you:

  • having trouble winding down at night
  • feelings of restlessness
  • feeling grumpy when you first wake from being jolted out of bed with a traditional alarm
  • experiencing exhaustion throughout the day
  • not being able to fall asleep quickly
  • not being able to stay asleep

What is the Restore?

The Restore is a sunrise alarm clock, sound machine, reading light, and helps you fall asleep with guided meditation. You can set up a personalized sleep routine to help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed! This can be set up on the app and changed at any time.

Hatch Restore Review

The Restore not only works great, but it also looks good sitting out on our nightstand. No more ugly alarm clocks! This looks sleek and not like your typical alarm clock.

Set Up

The Hatch Restore was really simple to set up. We have used the Hatch Rest for our girls (see our reviews on that here and here) for years. We already had those set up on the Hatch app so setting up our Hatch Restore was a breeze. You'll connect it to the app on your phone, and it can be controlled using the buttons on the Restore or via the app. It's very user friendly!

Pros of the Hatch Restore

There are several pro's to owning the Hatch Restore. First off, it will replace your traditional alarm clock. If you're like me, you haven't actually had a traditional alarm clock in years. I use my phone. However, I am trying to stop looking at my phone before bed and keep it plugged in away from my bed. The Hatch Restore eliminates the need for my phone next to my bed. Here are a few more:

  • Reading Light

The Hatch Restore features a soft-glow reading light. I love this as it doesn't give off the eye straining blue lights. These can really mess with your sleep and I've found that since eliminating these, my sleep has been improved.Hatch Restore Review

  • Guided Meditation

I really look forward to going to bed now! The guided meditation feature helps me calm down and forget about the stresses of the day. Her voice is so calming I feel like I could fall asleep just thinking about it!

Hatch Restore Review

  • White Noise

We also love the white noise feature. This can be customized to different sounds and it's an absolute must for us. While traveling, we would take the girls Hatch Rest with us but we'll probably be taking this with us for future trips.

  • Customized Alarm Clock

I can't stand my alarm on my phone and it's so jarring and stressful! The Hatch Restore has a gentle wake alarm. No more jarring sounds to wake you up! The Restore wakes you up using light that mimics the sunrise. It moves from red to orange to white before your personalized alarm sounds.

This really helps to keep cortisol levels lower. When you are jolted awake, you immediately start the day off with cortisol levels spiking.

Cons of the Hatch Restore

The only real con for me with the Hatch Restore is the fact that you can't use it with your own settings if you have a partner. You both have to go to bed at the same time (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) or you're Restore will be synced with one person and not the other. You pretty much have to have the same routine. I'm hoping they somehow find a fix for this soon. Otherwise, you could each have your own on your nightstand.

Hatch Restore Review

if you're interested in any of the decor items seen in these photos, click here for all the details! 

The Hatch Restore has so many 5 star reviews and there is a 60 night money back guarantee, so it's really a no brainer! I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Hatch Restore Review

Hatch Restore Review

We recently moved into our new home and of course our Hatch Restore went with us. It's been so nice transitioning into our new home with our familiar sleep routine!

Hatch Restore Reviewcheck out our updated room tour here

Hatch Restore Review

Hatch Restore Review

Hatch Restore Review

Hatch Restore Review

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Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below or feel free to DM me on Instagram! Thank you as always for reading!

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Hatch Restore Review

3 comments on “Hatch Restore Review”

  1. Thank you for your review! I’m wondering if the Hatch Restore allows for the use of headphone so the meditation does not disturb my husband when he’s asleep before me?

    1. Hi! I don't think it has those capabilities right now, but that is a great idea! I'll ask them and see what they have to say!

  2. I have been hoping to purchase something just like this! Sounds wonderful! Is there a subscription needed to use the meditations and the sounds? I believe that I read that there is an outgoing fee to access these features. thanks in advance for your reply.

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