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Beautiful Scalloped Home Decor Finds

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If you've been reading our blog and following along over on Instagram, you know we love all things scalloped when it comes to home decor! I painted the girls playroom with scallops last year and one of my all time favorite purchases is this Serena & Lily scalloped table. Scalloped home decor goes well with coastal and grand millennial decor. It's also great if your home decor style leans more preppy! I am sharing a few of our favorite scalloped home decor pieces with you below!

Scalloped Home Decor Favorites!

As I was searching for the best scalloped pieces for you guys, I couldn't believe all the gorgeous pieces I found! It's definitely trending and there's something at every price point. Feel free to click on any item in the below collage to shop directly!

Is Scalloped Home Decor a Trend to Last?

When I first think of scalloped decor, my mind goes to a girls bedroom or playroom. I think it can be more grown up though! You can start small with a picture frame like the ones I shared above or more large scale with a piece of furniture.

Beautiful Scalloped Home Decor That You Will Love!

I think you can incorporate scallops in any home decor style in small ways or large ways! Our side table makes quite a statement but you could also add this small scalloped marble tray to an entrance table to add just a touch. I love the scalloped bowls for kitchens or as shelf decor. There are so many options to choose from!

Where To Find Scalloped Decor?

You can really find scalloped decor everywhere right now! I found so many great pieces from Etsy (bowls and rugs) as well as Caitlin Wilson, Serena & Lily, and even Target! There is something for every budget which is nice.

Beautiful Scalloped Home Decor That You Will Love!

Target Spring Home Decor // Master Bedroom Decor // Mud Room Decor

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I hope this post inspired you to add a scalloped piece into your space this season! They add a touch of whimsy to any space. Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below or feel free to DM me on Instagram!

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Beautiful Scalloped Home Decor That You Will Love!
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