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Sconce Light Hack - No Electricity Needed for Custom Lighting!

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This is the EASIEST DIY you will ever do! I have been seeing this floating around on TikTok and knew I wanted to try it out for myself. When we were building our home, I could not decided on where I wanted sconces to go. I am totally kicking myself because once dry wall is up, it is very difficult to add. You'll have to hire an electrician and someone to repair drywall. The costs will add up quickly! This Sconce Light Hack does the trick perfectly!

Sconce Light Hack - No Electricity Needed!

Sconce Light Hack - No Electricity Needed!

Will This Hack Work Everywhere? 

If you have an area that is very high up, the sconce light hack probably won't work unless you don't mind seeing the puck light. The light will show when you look up. You'll want to use this in an area where the sconce is lower. It works perfectly over a bed or over a couch, but not high up over a tall shelf for example.

Sconce Light Hack - No Electricity Needed!

Total Cost

The total cost for this sconce hack is around $10.92. You'll want to purchase puck lights and light socket plug adapters. This gives you a flat surface to glue your puck light to. This obviously doesn't include the cost of your sconce. I grabbed these really inexpensive ones to try this out with. I really love them and am planning on purchasing more for other rooms in white!

Sconce Light Hack - No Electricity Needed!

Cost Breakdown

$3.66 per puck

$2.99 per light socket plug adapter 

$4.27 Hot Glue Gun

Sconce Light Hack - No Electricity Needed!

puck lights I used from Amazon

Sconce Light Hack - No Electricity Needed!

plug adaptor (again, this is so you have a flat surface to glue to so you won't ruin the light)

How To 

This really couldn't be easier. Add batteries to your puck light. You'll take your light socket plug adapter and add hot glue over the area where a plug in would go.

You could also glue the puck to where a light bulb would go but I didn't want to ruin the sconce. Basically, you just need a flat surface to glue your puck to. Add your puck light to the hot glue.

Once your puck is on, screw the socket into the sconce. That's it! Hang your sconce onto your wall using the piece of metal it comes with. Try your best to find a stud or use anchors. To turn on your sconce light, either push the sconce or use the remote to turn it on. Voilá!

Sconce Light Hack - No Electricity Needed!

Video How To

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Hopefully you found this scone light hack super simple! I'd love to hear if you try it out. Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below or feel free to DM me on Instagram!

Sconce Light Hack - No Electricity Needed!
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