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Summer Gifting - Toddler Birthday Parties

We have so many children's birthday parties during the summer!  We just had Madison's first birthday (all the details here!) and we received some amazing gifts.  I put together a fun list of gift ideas for your summer birthday parties for toddlers and first birthdays.  We still use a lot of the gifts we received when McKinlee turned one (almost three years ago!), and I wanted to add those as well.  We partnered with the baby gift website Incredibundles to make our own bundle, which would also make a great gift for a birthday!  Read more about our bundle below.  Make sure to head over to my Instagram page to enter our giveaway with Incredibundles.  You could win a $50 gift card to their site!

Incredibundles gift ideas The girls love playing in their play room 

Both girls' outfits are c/o Lele For Kids

Gift Idea: Comfy Chair

We really love our Pottery Barn Anywhere chairs.  The girls wear these things into the ground.  I would recommend these time and time again.  Plus, you can take the covers off and wash them!

Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair

Anywhere Chair 

Gift Idea: Table and Chairs

We have the Ikea table and chairs (pictured in the photos of our playroom) which we got for McKinlee's first birthday, however the quality is not great so we'll probably need to replace them soon.  The girls sit at their play table a lot, so it's an item I would probably splurge a bit on.  We love these ones and they are definitely contenders for a great gift for McKinlee's third birthday (in just about a month!).


Pottery Barn Kids Table and Chairs

Table and Chairs 

Gift Idea: Wagon

We received this wagon for McKinlee's first birthday, and it has come in handy for beach trips, fourth of July, summer concerts, and the pool.  The girls love riding in it!

Radio Flyer Wagon

Radio Flyer Wagon 

Gift Idea: Books/Small Toys 

The girls love their books and fun little toys!  We can never have enough books.  I was recently introduced to Incredibundles which is a website where you can put together gift packages for baby showers, children's birthdays, holidays, etc.  They have pre-packaged bundles or you can put one together yourself.  I love their Bedtime Book Bundle.  It includes some of our favorites!  We are also huge Dr. Seuss fans and I love the Dr. Seuss bundle.  We ended up making our own bundle with a darling Sesame Street Book, a Big Bird stuffed toy and Melissa and Doug pull back cars (which are so much fun to play with, by the way!).

Incredibundles Sesame Street Bundle


Incredibundles Sesame Street Bundle


Incredibundles Sesame Street Bundle

It's so fun now that the girls can play together, although McKinlee is absolutely the boss


Bedtime Book Bundle

Bedtime Book Bundle

Dr Seuss Book Bundle

Dr. Seuss Book Bundle 

How cool would it be to gift a year of toys bundle?!  Incredibundles put this amazing bundle together and I think any child would be thrilled to receive it!

Toy bundle

Year of Toys Bundle 


Incredibundles Sesame Street Bundle


Incredibundles Sesame Street Bundle


Gift Idea: Play Kitchen 

We ended up getting this Kitchen second hand and the girls LOVE playing with it.  I know it will be used for years to come.

Pink Play Kitchen

Pink Kitchen


Gift Idea: Bath Time 

Our girls love bath time.  I swear they would stay in the tub for over an hour if we let them!  I love receiving bath time items as gifts.  Incredibundles has the most perfect bath time bundles.  I love the Bath Time Bonanza bundle.  How cute is the included duck towel?!  We also can never have enough bath toys.


Bathtime toys for babies

Bath Time Bonanza Bundle 


Gift Idea: Water Table

This item is such a must have and makes such a fun gift for summer (and works well even into early fall).  We got ours from Costco, but this one looks like a lot of fun!  The girls will stay entertained with the water table for so long.  Mom and Dad can relax for a little while while the kiddos play!  Win win!

Step 2 Water Table

Step 2 Water Table 


Gift Idea: Ride on Cars

Both girls' received these ride on cars for their first birthdays and they love them.  McKinlee still loves her Disney Princess car and Madi loves her Minnie Airplane car.  They tend to fight over them quite a bit.  We also have this pink ride on car, and McKinlee is obsessed with it.  You would definitely need a larger hard floor space, but I would recommend this as a great gift!

Minnie Ride on Car

Minnie Mouse Car 

Disney pink princess ride on car

Disney Princess Ride on Car

Hot pink kids ride on car

pink ride on car 

Gift Idea: Push Toy

The girls LOVE pushing around play carts and strollers.  Madison is just now starting to push around the stroller and it's SO cute.

Melissa and Doug Cart

Melissa and Doug Play Cart 


Play Stroller

Play Stroller 

Gift Idea: Diaper Bundle

This gift would be more for a baby shower gift, but who received diapers at their shower?  I actually don't think we received many at our shower, but we did receive a ton of a certain brand from Ryan's work which was suuuuper thoughtful, but the diapers ended up not fitting McKinlee at all and she continuously had blowouts in them!  We ended up donating a bunch.  Incredibundles has diaper bundles.  How amazing would that be to receive?!  The best part is, the recipient can choose which diaper brand they want.  You can choose from 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or even a years worth of diapers.

Diaper Bundle with Incredibundles



Don't forget to head over to our Instagram page through August 2nd, 2017 to enter our giveaway with Incredibundles!  Leave a comment below with what items you'd choose from Incredibundles for an extra entry!

This post was kindly sponsored by Incredibundles.  All thoughts and opinions are as always, 100% my own!  

6 comments on “Summer Gifting - Toddler Birthday Parties”

  1. I love Summer birthdays (and summer babies): One of my favorite gift ideas for a child would be a bucket filled with pool toys...bubbles...side walk chalk!
    Summer baby showers (summer babies): I always get Mom a gift card for a house cleaning service! Babies will get tons of stuff they either grow out of or don't need haha I like to give Mom the gift of a clean home after she brings new baby home 🙂 nothing sucks more than having to clean the house in SUMMER after just having had a baby! I'm a new mom of a 6 week old and it's still a pain to get cleaning done:)

  2. I would love the books/small toy bundle, as well as the ride cars, and table/chairs set! Thanks for the chance!

  3. The bundle from Incredibundles I would choose will be "Year of toys bundle"

  4. I seriously got so many great ideas from this post! Thank you! One idea That was a hit with my one year old and my best friends two year old was LeapFrogs Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set!! They are Obsessed and its so good for learning the alphabet and LetTers!! ALso an awesome distraction When you are trying to cook dinner!! So many wins!

  5. I love to give breastfeeding essentials. Usually a breastfeeding pillow! As long as that's the route they plan to take. I breastfed my 17 month old for 14 months and only quit because I was pregnant. I plan to breastfeed our new addition for longer if possible! Due in 8 weeks 🙂 but I know how difficult breastfeeding can be and new mommies need all the support they can get!!

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