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100 Activities for Kids at Home

Stuck at home with the kids and want to find ways to keep them entertained? We've changed our tune to safe at home now vs. stuck at home, but we still need to find things to keep the girls busy! It is not always easy, especially when children get bored quickly, but there are some fantastic ways to have fun and spend quality time with one another. If you are searching for some ideas on things you can do with the kids while you are at home for an extended period, check out this massive list of 100 activities for kids at home, all of which are sure to keep you and the kids entertained.

100 Activities for Kids at Home

activities for kids at home

1. Paint on a Blank Canvas

Supply the kids with blank canvases and paint. Let them paint anything their hearts desire. If you're looking for a great easel that we DIY'd, click here!  

activities for kids at home

2. Complete Crossword Puzzles

Print crossword puzzles from online websites and complete them together as a family.

3. Watch a Family-Friendly Movie

Pick out a fun family-friendly movie to watch, such as Frozen 2 or Toy Story 4, both of which are available on Disney+.

activities for kids at home

4. Go on an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Plan out a scavenger hunt for the children. Have them look for different things, such as pennies, chocolates, and other items that you have hidden throughout the home. If you're looking for an outdoor scavenger hunt, click here

5. Put on a Play

Work together with the children to put on a play. Let the kids pick the theme.

6. Start an Ant Farm

If you have a clear plastic container with a lid, poke holes in the lid, add some crumbs of food inside the container, and put ants in it. Let the kids watch the ants as they move all around.

activities for kids at home

this ant farm looks super fun! 

7.  Create a Window Mosaic

Apply tape to the windows in different directions. Use washable paint in different colors for the different shapes that you have created. Peel the tape off and enjoy the unique mosaic created by the kids.

8. Play a Board Game

Pull out some of your favorite board games, sit at the dining room table, and have a blast playing them.

9. Complete a Science Experiment

Look online for kid-friendly science experiments that you can do. Many of these experiments can be completed with household items, such as baking soda and vinegar.

10. Play Hide and Go Seek

Bring back your own childhood memories by playing a game of hiding and seek with the children.

11. Play House

Encourage the children to play a game of house. Let them be the adults and you can be the child while playing.

12. Bake Cookies, Cupcakes or Rice Crispy Treats

Pull out the cake mix or cookie dough and start baking tasty treats with the children. Let them help with mixing ingredients and adding toppings.

activities for kids at home

waiting for her cookies to be done!

activities for kids at home

activities for kids at home

13. Make Slime

Kids love slime. You can make it with eye drops and glue, along with food coloring and glitter to give it a unique appearance.

activities for kids at home

this slime kit is awesome!

14. Use Magnetic Tiles on Your Garage Door

They actually stick to the garage door! We love these ones

activities for kids at home

15. Write a Short Story

Have each child write a short story. Read the stories to one another when everyone is done.

16. Do a Seek and Find

Look online for different seek and find games to do with the children.

17. Build an Indoor Fort

Have fun building a massive indoor fort complete with pillows, blankets, and all the extras.

18. Start a Garden in the Yard

If you have space in your backyard, consider starting a garden. Get the children to help with planting assorted seeds and watering the plants each day.

19. Make Dinner Together

Prepare dinner with one another. Let the kids pick the meal to make.

20. Color in a Coloring Book

Pull out the coloring books and start coloring with crayons or markers. It is relaxing and fun.

21. Take Silly Photos with Props

Snap selfies while using props, such as hats, scarves, and other accessories.

activities for kids at home

22. Tell a Silly Story

Start telling a silly story to the children and make things up as you go along to get a lot of laughs.

23. Attempt to Build a House with a Deck of Cards

Work strategically with the children to build a house while using a deck of cards. It is tricky and time-consuming, but lots of fun.

24. Make and Use Foam Paint

Create foam paint with shaving cream and food coloring. Use it on the table or even in the bathtub.

25. Have a Tea Party with Treats

Prepare a tea party with tea in teacups and treats, such as cucumber sandwiches and cookies.

activities for kids at home

26. Do Yoga

Get the children to stretch and relax while doing some therapeutic yoga for beginners.

27. Play with a Hula Hoop

Teach your children how to use a hula hoop and then have a competition to see who has the best skills.

28. Put a Puzzle Together

Take the time to do a big puzzle with at least a thousand pieces.

29. Dance to Music

Put some of your favorite songs on and start dancing around with the kids.

30. Do an Aerobic Workout

Put on your favorite aerobic workout and get your children to complete the workout with you.

31. Play an Educational Computer Game

Let the children play educational computer games. ABC Mouse offers a lot of great learning games for kids.

32. Make Leaf Paintings

Collect leaves and then paint with them on construction paper or a blank canvas.

33. Decorate Pictures Frames

Take old picture frames and paint them. Glue embellishments on them, such as sequins and gemstones.

34. Teach Your Kids How to Sew

If you know how to sew, give the kids a lesson on how to do it or check out some YouTube tutorials! 

35. Make Homemade Healthy Ice Cream 

Make homemade healthy ice cream using mashed bananas, almond milk, and cocoa powder. Your children will enjoy the prep process, along with eating the ice cream when it is ready.

36. Make Your Own Pizza

Prepare a tasty pizza. Let the children add their own toppings, such as pepperoni and sausage.

37. Have a Karaoke Night

Put on the music and do karaoke with the children. Consider using Kidz Bop to avoid the explicit language in some songs.

38. Play a Game of Charades

Share a lot of laughs while playing a game of charades. You would need to guess what the other person is attempting to be or do.

39. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Let things get a little messy. Fill up some balloons with water and go to war with the kids.

activities for kids at home

40. Make Bracelets and Necklaces with Beads

Start making bracelets and necklaces using string and beads. The girls love doing this and can't enough. We love this kit from Amazon! 

41. Take a Virtual Tour of Space

Go online and let your children take a virtual tour of space. They can learn more about the planets and stars.

42. Make Your Own Instruments

Create instruments using items you have in the home, such as filling plastic cups with rice, covering them with plastic wrap, and sealing them with rubber bands.

43. Build a Castle with Popsicle Sticks

Use popsicle sticks to attempt to build a castle with the kids.

44. Make Decorations with Dough

Create decorative pieces with dough and then bake the dough in the oven.

45. Paint Rocks

Collect rocks and then paint them with assorted colors and designs.

activities for kids at home

46. Make Fish with Paper Plates

Create your own fish using paper plates, construction paper, and paint. Hang them up when you have finished.

47. Have a Water Gun Fight

Load up the water guns and go on to have an epic water gun fight in the yard.

48. Look Through a Magazine Together

Grab a kid-friendly magazine and start reading through it together. Highlights Magazine is a great option for children.

49.  Make an Obstacle Course in the Backyard

Put an obstacle course together and then have the children compete with one another to see who will get through it the fastest.

50. Complete a Color by Number or Paint by Number Project

Purchase and then complete paint by number and color by number sets. Choose from different pictures, including images of flowers, animals, and farmhouses.

51. Make Colorful Masks

Work on creating colorful masks with the kids. You can make masks using mini paper plates.

52. Make Your Own Body Scrub

Show the kids how to make a body scrub using essential oils and brown sugar. Click here to check out a recipe I made up! 

53. Have a Spa Day

Plan a spa day that consists of pedicures, face masks, and manicures.

54. Make Lemonade

Show the kids how to make freshly-squeezed lemonade. Let them help with squeezing lemons and adding sugar to the water.

55. Play Soccer in the Backyard

If you have a ball, play soccer with the kids in the backyard.

56. Take a Virtual Tour of the San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo allows individuals to take a virtual tour of the exhibits online. You do not even need to leave the house to see these animals.

57. Repurpose an Old Piece of Furniture

Have the kids help you repurpose an old piece of furniture, such as a table that you want to paint and use for something else.

58. Make Decorations for the Windows of the Home

Work on making decorations to put in the windows of your home.

59. Organize the Bedroom

Help one another organize the bedrooms. Pick up toys and put them in the right spots.

60. Play a Game of Go Fish with a Deck of Cards

Keep it simple with a classic game of Go Fish.

61. Play a Video Game Together

If you do not mind video games, play one or two together for an hour or so.

62. Make Frozen Ice Treats

Create ice treats by adding juice to cups and placing them in the freezer for the kids to eat later.

63. Watch Episodes of Fuller House

Sit down and watch some television together. Fuller House is a great family-friendly show.

64. Have a Math Competition

Host a fun and friendly math competition between the kids.

65. Make a Movie Theater at Home

Create a movie theater environment inside the home using a projector and put on a good movie to watch with the kids.

activities for kids at home

66. Teach the Kids Old Nursery Rhymes

Teach your children some of the old nursery rhymes you used to hear when you were their age and younger.

67. Have a Picnic in the Backyard

Put a picnic together in the backyard. Place a blanket on the grass and eat as a family.

68. Make Frozen Yogurt Bites

Show your children how to make frozen yogurt bites. Add sprinkles or mini chocolate chips to make the bites more enjoyable.

69. Wash the Car

Get the kids to help you wash the car and get it sparkling clean.

70. Clean Out the Garage

When you are stuck at home, it is the best time to clean out the garage with help from the kids.

71. Make Blessing Bags for the Homeless

Put blessing bags together for the homeless. Fill storage bags up with crackers, tissues, hand sanitizer, peanuts, and other items.

72. Gather Toys to Donate to Children in Need

Have the children go through their belongings and pick items they can donate to other children.

73. Make Hot Chocolate

Show the kids how to make hot chocolate. Let them add items to their cups, such as marshmallows.

74. Prepare Frozen Dipped Bananas

Dip bananas in melting chocolate and freeze them for a tasty treat.

75. Take a Virtual Tour of the Boston’s Children Museum

Get your kids excited for a tour of the Boston’s Children Museum. The virtual tour is just as exciting as being there in person.

76. Complete Age-Appropriate Cut and Paste Printables

Print out some cut and paste activities for the children to do.

77. Make a Dream Catcher

Work with the kids to make dream catchers with yarn, wire, and feathers.

78. Listen to a Family-Friendly Podcast

Find a good podcast to listen to with the children.

79. Build with Legos or Blocks

Try building something neat with the kids using legos or blocks.

80. Play the Question Game

Play the question game where each person asks the other person next to them a question.

81. Make Sock Puppets

Create fun sock puppets with old socks and different embellishments, including stickers and googly eyes.

82. Give the Dog a Bath

Having the kids at home means having helping hands to assist with bathing the dog.

activities for kids at home

83. Play Hopscotch in the Yard

Use chalk to create a hopscotch area for you and the kids to use.

84. Make Your Own Bowling Game

Create a bowling game using plastic bottles and a small plastic ball. Have fun bowling with the children.

85. Turn a Plate into a Planet

Have your children pick a planet to paint. Supply them with plates and paint for them to use to transform their plate into a planet.

86. Listen to an Audio Book

Put an audiobook on for your children to listen to while you sit and relax.

activities for kids at home

87. Create a Scrapbook

Put a scrapbook together that consists of some of your favorite photos.

88. Try Making Origami

Watch tutorials and then attempt to do origami with the kids.

89. Take Unique Photos and Print Them Out

Let the kids take some fun photos around the house, print them out, and frame them.

90. Create an At-Home Library

Set up a library for the kids and play pretend with them. Let them take out books and return them like they would in a library.

91. Make a Fun Fruit Salad

Get the children together to help with chopping fruit for a fun fruit salad.

92. Turn Old Cans Into Pencil Holders

Peel the labels off of old cans and then paint them. You can use them as pencil holders.

93. Decorate Mason Jars

If you have any old mason jars, wash them and let the children decorate them with paint or markers.

94. Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Play a game of pin the tail on the donkey with the kids.

95. Color Hair With Non-Permanent Hair Color

If you have a semi-permanent dye available, you can add color to each child’s hair. The color washes out over time.

96. Make a Sand Bottle

If you have old plastic beverage bottles, help the children make sand bottles using funnels and different types of sand in various colors.

97. Create Paper Chains 

Teach your children the art of making paper chains. Let them hang the paper chains in their rooms when they finish.

98. Prepare Baked Fruit Chips

Make healthy chips by cutting up fruits, such as bananas and strawberries, and placing them in the oven to bake until they are crisp and ready to eat.

99. Repurpose an Old T-Shirt

Take old t-shirts and repurpose them by turning them into something else. You can use YouTube to get ideas on how to transform old t-shirts with the kids.

100. Recreate Scenes From Movies

Have your children recreate scenes from their favorite movies while putting on a performance for you.

Now that you have this list of 100 ideas of things to do with your kids while you are stuck at home, you will have plenty to do to keep yourself and your children busy and entertained. The great thing about these ideas is that most of them will cost you absolutely nothing. You will get to make memories with your children while having a genuinely good time together.

Thanks for reading and let me know what your go to activities to do at home are!

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activities for kids at home

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  1. Hi Chelsee! I have been desperately looking for activities for my little man because he hates being stuck at home. I have been bookmarking pages like this to keep us sane. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

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