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Beddy's Bedding Review - September 2023 DISCOUNT CODE!

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We have been long time Beddy's Bedding fans (for at least a few years!). I thought it was time to write an honest review on this bedding. I've touched on them a bit in several other blog posts, but I wanted to share our full review for you here!

Feel free to click any link to shop Beddy's Bedding and our 20% off discount will be applied, or you can use code CHELSEE too! Here is our Beddy's Bedding review!

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

bunk beds 

Beddy's Bedding is more expensive than normal bedding, but it is worth it for the stress it will save you. Plus, you can use my discount to save! You also won't need sheets because they're all attached in one! Beddy's Bedding is bedding that zips!

You will make your bed once after washing. Then you'll just zip it up when you get up in the morning. It is really that easy! Sometimes, our Beddy's Bedding will bunch at the bottom, so I just pull it from underneath the bed to make it extra tight.

We had the pink bedding for a few years and just switched over to white for the girls new rooms. I couldn't believe how well this bedding has held up!

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

Say goodbye to the constant untidiness in your child's room! With Beddy's not only will your kids learn how to make their own bed, but they'll sleep better too! 🙌🏼 And I think we all know there is nothing better than that 😜 #beddys #zipyourbed #bunkbeds #beddingsets

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Our Favorite Features of Beddy's Bedding

There are several amazing features when it comes to Beddy's Bedding. I'll share some of our favorites here.

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!


We love that Beddy's Bedding comes in both cotton and minky material. Both of our girls have the minky material and love how soft it is. We honestly have it year round, but you could do cotton for Summer and minky for Winter if you sleep hot.

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!


If you're worried that you won't be fully covered up, don't! Beddy's Bedding has a side panel that comes out when you unzip the bedding. It helps to keep you covered up at night on the sides.

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

SOLVE your PROBLEMS with Beddy’s. Making your bed becomes as SIMPLE as pulling a zipper! 🙌🏼 #zipperbedding #zipyourbed #bedding

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Easy to for Kids

We obviously also love how easy it is for our kids to make their beds. It's nice for them to be able to help out with at least something around the house! I also really love how clean and put together they look.

Beddy's are really great especially for bunk beds. They can be so hard to make, but Beddy's makes it super easy. If you're looking for more adorable bunk beds, check out this post!

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

On Trend Colors and Prints

Beddy's comes in a huge variety of colors and prints. There is definitely something that will fit within your home! I like the solid colors especially the crisp whites and beautiful pinks.

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

Check Out This Video!

Beddy's Bedding Cons

Our only cons about Beddy's Bedding and that it takes quite a while to dry. This is obviously not that big of a deal to us and not something that would deter us from buying.

One thing that can help with this if you wash your bedding often, is only washing the bottom part of the bedding.

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

This would be like the fitted sheet of normal bedding, just a tad thicker because of the outside edges.


Did you know this bedding ZIPS? Look at the cute accessories! #zipyourbed #zipperbedding #fyp

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Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

We love how easy Beddy's Bedding is for kids to make!

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

Beddy's bedding are perfect for bunk beds. They're so easy to make with them on!

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

Adult Beddy's Beds

We have had Beddy's Bedding on our bed but ended up going back to normal bedding. I think it would work perfectly in a guest room because of how put together it looks.

I think it would also work well with a thicker blanket on top because it wasn't warm enough for us. Our girls LOVE theirs though!

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

Other Beddy's We Love!

All images are via Beddy's Bedding on Instagram!

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!

image via Navy Patten

this room is adorable and Beddy's are perfect for toddler beds!

these bunk beds are adorable and perfect with the pink Beddy's Bedding!

love how these bunk beds look with Beddy's Bedding!

image via Brynn Nora

this little girls room is so darling!

Beddy's Bedding is perfect especially for a triple bunk!

here's another great triple bunk bed with Beddy's!

image via Hilview Home Style

kids can make their own beds with Beddy's Bedding!

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Overall we give Beddy's Bedding a 5 star review! I don't think I'll be able to go back to regular bedding especially for the girls rooms!

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Thanks so much for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below or feel free to DM me on Instagram! I'd be happy to help!

Beddy's Bedding Review - with DISCOUNT CODE!
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