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Blush Baby Girl Nursery - Design Inspiration

I won't be creating a nursery for myself any time soon (or ever!), but I still have the urge to design!  There are so many beautiful items for your baby girl's nursery over on Amazon right now.   Who doesn't love Amazon?!  Whether your designing a nursery or searching for the perfect baby shower gift, I've got you covered.  I've gathered up a few of my favorites for your blush baby girl nursery.  With some gold and florals sprinkled in, it's the perfect mix for your baby's room.  Make sure to check out our nursery posts here and here.

Blush Baby Girl Nursery


diaper pail / sheets / curtain rod / diaper caddy / gold dots / chandelier / floral curtains / gold lamp / white crib / white swan / gold crib / pink tutu swan / closet organizer rings / pink letterboard / pink rug / night light / floral bedding 


Our Blush Nursery

I wanted to share a few photos from Madison's Nursery, since it follows the same design inspiration as above.



Hopefully you found some great items for your baby girls nursery!  Thanks as always for reading!


One comment on “Blush Baby Girl Nursery - Design Inspiration”

  1. Gorgeous. I love all the organization. I really hope it helps out as inspiration. Most of the things in the nursery are affordable. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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