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30 Day Home Declutter Challenge

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The new year is just about here and our home needs an overhaul! I feel like we just moved in (in July) and it's been project after project ever since. I love a good cleaning challenge, and our home declutter challenge should help you get your house in good order right when Spring hits! This challenge will walk through each room day by day for 30 days. You'll be able to declutter and clean up each space so that your home feels refreshed just in time for Spring!

30 Day Spring Home Declutter Challenge!

What Is the Purpose of This Challenge?

I want your home to feel like the zen oasis it's meant to be! We are spending SO much more time at home these days, and our living spaces have gotten very cluttered. I feel like we should have more time to declutter, but it feels like less!

You will follow the attached schedule (changing out any rooms that don't work for your home) day-by-day. The goal here is to donate a bag or two per room. Some rooms will have more items to donate and some will have less. If garage sales are your jam, use this as a good time to get ready for one.

30 Day Spring Home Declutter Challenge!

Free Printable

Click this link to download the free 30 Day Spring Declutter Challenge guide and checklist to use while you are decluttering/cleaning. I don't know about you, but it feels really good to check items off my list!

30 Day Spring Home Declutter Challenge!
30 Day Spring Home Declutter Challenge!

Declutter Checklist 

This checklist can be used to check off your donation/trash bags per room. Once you finish the days assigned room, grab your checklist and enter in the amount of donation bags and the amount of trash bags.

30 Day Spring Home Declutter Challenge!

Kids' Decluttering Challenge 

If you're looking for a decluttering challenge for your kids, make sure to click here to check it out. It's only 7 days long and your kids should totally be able to help out!

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30 Day Spring Home Declutter Challenge!

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Thank you so much for checking out our 30 Day Spring Declutter Challenge! I hope this helps get you started on your Spring cleaning journey. I am ready to get my house together and I know we can do it! Please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below, or feel free to DM me on Instagram.

30 Day Spring Home Declutter Challenge!
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